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SEC Filings

SC 13G/A
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC filed this Form SC 13G/A on 02/14/2017
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  (d) Title of Class of Securities

Common Stock


  (e) CUSIP Number


Item 3. If this statement is filed pursuant to § 240.13d-1(b), or § 240.13d-2(b) or (c), check whether the person filing is a:

Warren E. Buffett (an individual who may be deemed to control Berkshire Hathaway Inc.), Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and GEICO Corporation are each a Parent Holding Company or Control Person, in accordance with § 240.13d-1(b)(1)(ii)(G).

National Indemnity Company, Government Employees Insurance Company, GEICO Advantage Insurance Company, GEICO Casualty Insurance Company, GEICO Choice Insurance Company and GEICO Secure Insurance Company are each an Insurance Company as defined in section 3(a)(19) of the Act.

The Buffalo News Drivers/Distributors Pension Plan, BNSF Master Retirement Trust, Lubrizol Master Trust Pension, Buffalo News Mechanical Pension Plan, Flight Safety International Inc. Retirement Income Plan, Fruit of the Loom Pension Trust, GEICO Corporation Pension Plan Trust, Johns Manville Corporation Master Pension Trust, General Re Corporation Employment Retirement Trust, Dexter Pension Plan and Scott Fetzer Collective Investment Fund are each an Employee Benefit Plan in accordance with § 240.13d-1(b)(1)(ii)(F).

Item 4. Ownership

Provide the following information regarding the aggregate number and percentage of the class of securities of the issuer identified in Item 1.


  (a) Amount beneficially Owned

See the Cover Pages for each of the Reporting Persons.


  (b) Percent of Class

See the Cover Pages for each of the Reporting Persons.


  (c) Number of shares as to which such person has:


  (i) sole power to vote or to direct the vote


  (ii) shared power to vote or to direct the vote