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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2016
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who were so employed at any time within a period of six (6) months immediately prior to the Date of Termination, or otherwise interfere with the relationship between any such person and the Company; nor will Executive assist anyone else in recruiting any such employee to work for another company or business or discuss with any such person his or her leaving the employ of the Company or engaging in a business activity in competition with the Company. This provision shall not apply to secretarial, clerical, custodial or maintenance employees, nor shall it prohibit Executive from providing a personal reference for the person or persons described in this subsection in response to a request for such a personal reference.
If Executive violates any covenant contained in this Section 15, then the term of the covenants in this Section shall be extended by the period of time Executive was in violation of the same.

(c)Provisions Pertaining to the Covenants. Executive recognizes that the existing business of the Company extends to various locations and areas throughout the United States and will extend hereafter to other countries and territories and agrees that the scope of this Section 15 shall extend to any part of the United States, and any other country or territory, where the Company operates or conducts business, or has concrete plans to do so at the time Executive’s employment terminates. It is agreed that Executive’s services hereunder are special, unique, unusual and extraordinary giving them peculiar value, the loss of which cannot be reasonably or adequately compensated for by damages, and in the event of Executive’s breach of this Section, the Company shall be entitled to equitable relief by way of injunction or otherwise in addition to the cessation of payments and benefits hereunder. If any provision of Section 13, 14 or 15 is deemed to be unenforceable by a court (whether because of the subject matter of the provision, the duration of a restriction, the geographic or other scope of a restriction or otherwise), that provision shall not be rendered void but the Parties instead agree that the court shall amend and alter such provision to such lesser degree, time, scope, extent and/or territory as will grant the Company the maximum restriction on Executive’s activities permitted by applicable law in such circumstances. The Company’s failure to exercise its rights to enforce the provisions of this Agreement shall not be affected by the existence or non-existence of any other similar agreement for anyone else employed by the Company or by the Company’s failure to exercise any of its rights under any such agreement.

(d)Notices. In order to preserve the Company’s rights under this Agreement, the Company is authorized to advise any potential or future employer, any third party with whom Executive may become employed or enter into any business or contractual relationship with, and any third party whom Executive may contact for any such purpose, of the existence of this Agreement and its terms, and the Company shall not be liable for doing so.

(e)Injunctive Relief and Additional Remedy. Executive acknowledges that the injury that would be suffered by Company as a result of a breach of the provisions of this Agreement (including any provision of Sections 13, 14 and 15) would be irreparable and that an award of monetary damages to the Company for such a breach would be an inadequate remedy. Consequently, the Company will have the right, in addition to any other rights it may have, to obtain injunctive relief to restrain any breach or threatened breach or otherwise to specifically enforce any provision of this Agreement, and the Company will not be obligated to post bond or other security in seeking such relief. Without limiting the Company’s rights under this Section or any other remedies of the Company, in the event of a determination by a court of competent