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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2016
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community affairs, (iii) accepting and fulfilling a reasonable number of speaking engagements, and (iv) managing his personal investments and affairs; provided that such activities do not, either individually or in the aggregate, interfere with the proper performance of his duties and responsibilities hereunder; create a conflict of interest; or violate any provision of this Agreement; and provided further that service on the board of any business entity must be approved in advance by the Board.

4.Place of Performance. During the Term, Executive’s primary office and principal workplace shall be the Corporate Office, except for necessary travel on the Company’s business. The Parties acknowledge and Executive agrees that Executive is expected to commute to the Corporate Office from his principal or secondary residence whether inside or outside of the metropolitan area or areas in which the Corporate Office is located.

5.Annual Base Salary. During the Term and beginning on the Effective Date, Executive shall receive a base salary at a rate not less than $850,000 per annum (the “Annual Base Salary”), paid in accordance with the Company’s general payroll practices for executives, but no less frequently than monthly. The Annual Base Salary shall compensate Executive for any position in or directorship of a Company subsidiary or affiliate that Executive holds. No less frequently than annually during the Term, the Committee, on advice of the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, shall review the rate of Annual Base Salary payable to Executive, and may, in its discretion, increase the rate of Annual Base Salary payable hereunder; provided, however, that any increased rate shall thereafter be the rate of “Annual Base Salary” hereunder.

6.Bonus. Except as otherwise provided for herein, for each fiscal year or other period consistent with the Company’s then-applicable normal employment practices during which Executive is employed hereunder on the last day (the “Bonus Year”), Executive shall be eligible to receive a bonus with a target amount not less than 150% of Executive’s Annual Base Salary (the “Target Bonus”), with the actual bonus payout depending on the achievement of levels of performance for that year (the “Bonus”) pursuant to, and as set forth in, the terms of the Company’s Executive Bonus Plan as it may be amended from time to time, plus such other bonus payments, if any, as shall be determined by the Committee in its sole discretion, with such bonuses being paid on or before March 15 of the calendar year next following the Bonus Year.

7.Benefits. Executive shall be entitled to receive such benefits and to participate in such employee group benefit plans, including life, health and disability insurance policies, and financial planning services, and other perquisites and plans as are generally provided by the Company to its other senior executives in accordance with the plans, practices and programs of the Company, as amended and in effect from time to time.
8.    Expenses.

(a)The Company shall promptly reimburse Executive for all reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by Executive in connection with the performance of Executive’s duties as an employee of the Company. Such reimbursement is subject to the submission to the Company by Executive of appropriate documentation and/or vouchers in accordance with the