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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2016
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Executive’s duties under this Agreement, and, if such failure is curable, if Executive has been given a reasonable opportunity to cure this failure to comply within a period of time which is reasonable under the circumstances but not more than the thirty (30)-day period after written notice of such failure is provided to Executive; provided that if Executive cures this failure and then fails again to comply with the same provision of the Code of Conduct or the same written Company policy, no further opportunity to cure that failure shall be required;

(iii)Executive’s misappropriation (or attempted misappropriation) of a material amount of the Company’s funds or property;

(iv)Executive’s conviction of, the entering of a guilty plea or plea of nolo contendere or no contest (or the equivalent), with respect to (A) either a felony or a crime that materially adversely affects or could reasonably be expected to materially adversely affect the Company or its business reputation; or (B) fraud, embezzlement, any felony offense involving dishonesty or constituting a breach of trust or moral turpitude;

(v)Executive’s admission of liability of, or finding of liability by a court of competent jurisdiction for, a knowing and deliberate violation of any “Securities Laws”; provided that any termination of Executive by the Company for Cause pursuant to this clause (v) based on finding of liability by the court shall be treated instead for all purposes of this Agreement as a termination by the Company without Cause, with effect as of the date of such termination, if such finding is reversed on appeal in a decision from which an appeal may not be taken or as to which the time to appeal has expired. As used herein, the term “Securities Laws” means any federal or state law, rule or regulation governing generally the issuance or exchange of securities, including without limitation the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder (the “Exchange Act”);

(vi)Executive’s illegal possession or use of any controlled substance or excessive use of alcohol, in each case at a work function, in connection with Executive’s duties, or on Company premises; “excessive” meaning either repeated unprofessional use or any single event of consumption giving rise to significant intoxication or unprofessional behavior; or

(vii)Executive’s willful or grossly negligent commission of any other act or willful failure to act in connection with Executive’s duties as an executive of the Company which causes or should reasonably be expected (as of the time of such occurrence) to cause substantial economic injury to or substantial injury to the business reputation of the Company, including, without limitation, any material violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, as described herein below.

No termination of Executive’s employment shall be effective as a termination for Cause for purposes of this Agreement or any other “Company Arrangement” (as defined in Section 11(g)) unless Executive shall first have been given written notice by the Board of its intention to terminate his employment for Cause, such notice (the “Cause Notice”) to state in detail the particular circumstances that constitute the grounds on which the proposed termination for Cause is based. If, within twenty (20) calendar days after such Cause Notice is given to Executive, the Board gives written notice to Executive confirming that, in the judgment of at least a majority of the members of the Board, Cause for terminating his employment on the basis set forth in the original Cause Notice exists, his employment hereunder shall thereupon be terminated for Cause, subject to de novo review, at Executive’s election, through arbitration in accordance with Section 29. If Executive commits or is charged with committing any offense of the character or type specified in subparagraph 1(d)(iv), (v) or (vi) herein, then the Company at its option may suspend Executive with or