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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2016
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Item 2.     Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations.


Charter Communications, Inc. (together with its controlled subsidiaries, “Charter”) is the second largest cable operator in the United States and a leading broadband communications company providing video, Internet and voice services with approximately 25.9 million residential and commercial customers at September 30, 2016. We also sell video and online advertising inventory to local, regional and national advertising customers and networking and enterprise-class, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and transport services to business customers and own and operate regional sports networks and local sports, news and lifestyle channels. Our residential services also include security and home management services.

Charter is a holding company whose principal asset is a controlling equity interest in Charter Communications Holdings, LLC (“Charter Holdings”), an indirect owner of Charter Communications Operating, LLC (“Charter Operating”) under which all of the operations reside. All significant intercompany accounts and transactions among consolidated entities have been eliminated.

TWC Transaction

On May 18, 2016, the transactions contemplated by the Agreement and Plan of Mergers dated as of May 23, 2015 (the “Merger Agreement”), by and among Time Warner Cable Inc. (“Legacy TWC”), Charter Communications, Inc. prior to the closing of the Merger Agreement (“Legacy Charter”), CCH I, LLC, previously a wholly owned subsidiary of Legacy Charter (“New Charter”) and certain other subsidiaries of New Charter were completed (the “TWC Transaction,” and together with the Bright House Transaction described below, the “Transactions”). As a result of the TWC Transaction, New Charter became the new public parent company that holds the operations of the combined companies and was renamed Charter Communications, Inc.

Pursuant to the terms of the Merger Agreement, upon consummation of the TWC Transaction, each outstanding share of Legacy TWC common stock (other than Legacy TWC common stock held by Liberty Broadband Corporation (“Liberty Broadband”) and Liberty Interactive Corporation (“Liberty Interactive” and, collectively, the “Liberty Parties”)), was converted into the right to receive, at the option of each such holder of Legacy TWC common stock, either (a) $100 in cash and Charter Class A common stock equivalent to 0.5409 shares of Legacy Charter Class A common stock (the “Option A Consideration”) or (b) $115 in cash and Charter Class A common stock equivalent to 0.4562 shares of Legacy Charter Class A common stock (the “Option B Consideration”). The actual number of shares of Charter Class A common stock that Legacy TWC stockholders received, excluding the Liberty Parties, was calculated by multiplying the exchange ratios of 0.5409 or 0.4562 specified above by 0.9042 (the “Parent Merger Exchange Ratio”), which was also the exchange ratio that was used to determine the number of shares of Charter Class A common stock that Legacy Charter stockholders received per share of Legacy Charter Class A common stock. Such exchange ratio did not impact the aggregate value represented by the shares of Charter Class A common stock issued in the TWC Transaction; however, it did impact the actual number of shares issued in the TWC Transaction.

Out of approximately 277 million shares of TWC common stock outstanding at the closing of the TWC Transaction, excluding TWC common stock held by the Liberty Parties, approximately 274 million shares were converted into the right to receive the Option A Consideration and approximately 3 million shares were converted into the right to receive the Option B Consideration. The Liberty Parties received approximately one share of Charter Class A common stock for each share of Legacy TWC common stock they owned (equivalent to 1.106 shares of Legacy Charter Class A common stock multiplied by the Parent Merger Exchange Ratio).

As of the date of the Transactions, the total value of the TWC Transaction was approximately $85 billion, including cash, equity and Legacy TWC assumed debt. The purchase price also includes an estimated pre-combination vesting period fair value of $514 million for Legacy TWC equity awards converted into Charter awards upon closing of the TWC Transaction (“Converted TWC Awards”) and $69 million of cash paid to former Legacy TWC employees and non-employee directors who held equity awards, whether vested or not vested.

Bright House Transaction

Also, on May 18, 2016, Legacy Charter and Advance/Newhouse Partnership (“A/N”), the former parent of Bright House Networks, LLC (“Bright House”), completed their previously announced transaction, pursuant to a definitive Contribution Agreement (the “Contribution Agreement”), under which Charter acquired Bright House (the “Bright House Transaction”). Pursuant to the Bright House Transaction, Charter became the owner of the membership interests in Bright House and the other assets primarily related to Bright House (other than certain excluded assets and liabilities and non-operating cash). As of the date of acquisition, the purchase price totaled approximately $12.2 billion consisting of (a) $2 billion in cash, (b) 25 million convertible preferred units