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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 10-Q on 11/03/2016
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(dollars in millions, except per share amounts and where indicated)

higher than the principal amount of the debt when the market interest rates are lower than the stated interest rate of the debt. This debt premium is amortized as a reduction to interest expense over the remaining life of the applicable debt.

Generally, no fair value adjustments were reflected in current assets and current liabilities as carrying value is estimated to approximate fair value because of the short-term nature of the items.  However, fair value adjustments were reflected in other noncurrent assets and other long-term liabilities relating to contract-based assets and liabilities, capital lease obligations, deferred liabilities and pension liabilities.  Out-of-market contract-based assets and liabilities relating to non-cancelable executory contracts and operating leases were recognized based on discounted cash flow models to the extent the terms of the non-cancelable contracts are favorable or unfavorable compared with the relative market terms of the same or similar contract at the acquisition date.  The out-of-market element will be amortized as if the contract were consummated at market terms on the acquisition date.  Capital lease obligations were measured at fair value based on the present value of amounts to be paid under the lease agreement using a market participant discount rate.  Deferred liabilities were not recorded in acquisition accounting to the extent there was no associated payment obligation or substantive performance obligation.  The pension liabilities assumed in the TWC Transaction are measured at fair value based on an actuarially determined projected benefit obligation, less the fair value of pension investments, as of the acquisition date. See Note 19 for fair value assumptions considered in acquisition accounting for the pension liabilities.

An adjustment was recorded for the deferred tax impact of acquisition accounting adjustments primarily related to property, plant and equipment, franchises, customer relationships and assumed Legacy TWC long-term debt. The incremental deferred tax liabilities were calculated primarily based on the tax effect of the step-up in book basis of net assets of Legacy TWC excluding the amount attributable to nondeductible goodwill.

The Charter Class A common stock issued to Legacy TWC stockholders and Charter Holdings common units issued to A/N were valued based on the opening share price of Charter Class A common stock on the acquisition date. The convertible preferred units of Charter Holdings issued to A/N were valued at approximately $3.2 billion based on a binomial lattice model for convertible bonds that models the future changes in the common equity value of Charter. The valuation relies on management’s assumptions including risk-free interest rate, volatility and discount yield. The pre-combination vesting period fair value of the Converted TWC Awards was based on the portion of the requisite service period completed at the acquisition date by Legacy TWC employee award holders applied to the total fair value of the Converted TWC Awards. See Note 18 for fair value assumptions considered in acquisition accounting for the Converted TWC Awards.
The allocation of the purchase price to tangible and intangible assets and certain liabilities is preliminary and is subject to change based on finalization and review of such valuations. During the measurement period, the Company will continue to obtain information to assist in finalizing the fair value of net assets acquired, which may differ materially from the preliminary estimates. The Company will apply any measurement period adjustments, including any related impacts to net income (loss), in the reporting period in which the adjustments are determined. The tables below present the calculation of the purchase price and the preliminary allocation of the purchase price to the assets acquired and liabilities assumed in the Transactions.

TWC Purchase Price

Shares of Charter Class A common stock issued (including the Liberty Parties) (in millions)

Charter Class A common stock closing price per share

Fair value of Charter Class A common stock issued

Cash paid to Legacy TWC stockholders (excluding the Liberty Parties)

Pre-combination vesting period fair value of Converted TWC Awards

Cash paid for Legacy TWC non-employee equity awards

Total purchase price