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INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form 424B3 on 11/02/2016
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Restrictive Covenants

The indenture governing the new notes, among other things, restricts Charter Operating’s and the Parent Guarantor’s ability and the ability of certain subsidiaries to:


    grant liens; or


    sell all or substantially all assets or merge with or into other companies.


  These covenants are subject to important exceptions and qualifications as described under “Description of Notes—Certain Covenants.”


Absence of Established Markets for the New Notes

The new notes are new issuances of securities for which there is currently no market. We do not intend to apply for the new notes to be listed on any securities exchange or to arrange for any quotation system to quote them. Accordingly, we cannot assure you that liquid markets will develop or be maintained.

You should carefully consider all of the information in this prospectus. In particular, you should evaluate the information under “Risk Factors” for a discussion of risks associated with an investment in the Issuers and the new notes.

For more complete information about the new notes, see “Description of Notes.”