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SEC Filings

INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form S-4 on 10/07/2016
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10.8.4 The words “include”, “includes” or “including” shall be deemed to be followed by the words “without limitation”.

10.8.5 The words “hereof”, “herein”, “hereunder” and “herewith” and words of similar import shall, unless otherwise stated, be construed to refer to this Agreement as a whole and not to any particular provision of this Agreement.

10.9 Governing Law. This Agreement shall be enforced, governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Delaware, regardless of the choice or conflict of laws provisions of Delaware or any other jurisdiction.

10.10 Severability. If any provision of this Agreement or the application of such provision to any Person or circumstance shall be held invalid, the remainder of this Agreement or the application of such provision to Persons or circumstances other than those to which it is held invalid shall not be affected thereby.

10.11 Additional Documents and Acts. Each Member agrees to execute and deliver, from time to time, such additional documents and instruments and to perform such additional acts as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate, carry out, and perform all of the terms, provisions, and conditions of this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby.

10.12 Notices. Unless otherwise provided, any notice required or permitted under this Agreement shall be given in writing and shall be deemed effectively given (a) upon personal delivery to the party to be notified, (b) on the 5th day after deposit with the United States Post Office, by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, (c) on the next business day after dispatch via nationally recognized overnight courier or (d) upon confirmation of transmission by facsimile, all addressed to the party to be notified at the address indicated for such party below, or at such other address as such party may designate by 10 days’ advance written notice to the other parties. Notices should be provided in accordance with this Section at the following addresses:

If to the Company, CCV, CCHI or CCI, to such Person at:

Charter Communications, Inc.

12405 Powerscourt Drive

St. Louis, Missouri 63131-3674

Attention: General Counsel

Telephone:  (314) 543-2308

Facsimile:  (314) 965-8793

10.13 No Interest in Company Property; Waiver of Action for Partition. No Member has any interest in specific Property of the Company. Without limiting the foregoing, each Member irrevocably waives during the duration of the Company any right that such Member may have to maintain any action for partition with respect to the Property of the Company.


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