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INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form S-4 on 10/07/2016
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State of California Secretary of State AMENDMENT TO CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP IMPORTANT—Read Instructions on back before completing this form This Certificate Is presented for filing pursuant to Section 15622, California Corporations Code. Form LP-2 1. SECRETARY OF STATE FILE NO. (ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE—FORM LP-1) 8419900177 2. NAME OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Falcon Cablevision, a California limited partnership 3. THE CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP IS AMENDED AS FOLLOWS: COMPLETE APPROPRIATE SUB-SECTION(S) CONTINUE ON SECOND PAGE. IF NECESSARY). A. THE LIMITED PARTNERSHIP NAME IS CHANGED TO: B. PRINCIPAL EXECUTIVE OFFICE ADDRESS CHANGE: CITY: ADDRESS: STATE: zip code: C. CALIFORNIA OFFICE ADDRESS CHANGE: ADDRESS: CTTY: STATE: CA ZIP CODE: D. GENERAL PARTNER ADDRESS CHANGE: name: address: city: state: zip code: E. GENERAL PARTNER NAME CHANGE: OLD NAME: NEW NAME: F. GENERAL PARTNER(S) WITHDRAWN: NAME: NAME: G. GENERAL PARTNER ADDED: Name: Falcon Holding Group, L.P. ADDRESS: 10900 Wilshire Boulevard, 15th Floor CITY: Los Angeles STATE: CA ZIP CODE: 90024 H. Person(S) Winding up Affairs of Limited Partnership: Name: Address: City: State: Zip code: I. INFORMATION CONCERNING THE AGENT FOR SERVICE OF PROCESS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO: NAME: ADDRESS: CITY: STATE: CA ZIP CODE: J. THE NUMBER OF GENERAL PARTNERS REQUIRED TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND FILE CERTIFICATES OF AMENDMENT, RESTATEMENT, DISSOLUTION, CONTINUATION, CANCELLATION AND MERGER IS CHANGED TO: (PLEASE INDICATE NUMBER ONLY) K. OTHER MATTERS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP ARE AMENDED AS INDICATED ON THE ATTACHED PAGE(S). NUMBER OF PAGES ATTACHED: 4. IT IS HEREBY DECLARED THAT I AM (WE ARE) THE PERSON(S) WHO EXECUTED THIS AMENDMENT TO THE IDENTIFIED CERTIFICATE OF LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, WHICH EXECUTION IS MY (OUR) ACT AND DEED. (SEE INSTRUCTIONS) By: Falcon Telecable Investors Group, a California Limited Partnership By: Falcon Holding Group, Inc. By: Falcon Holding Group, L.P. By: Falcon Holding Group, Inc. Signature Stanley S. Itskowitch Position or Title Stanley S. Itskowithch Executive Vice President Date Signature Position or Title Date Position or Title Stanley S. Itskowitch Executive Vice President Date Signature Position or Title Date Position Signature Stanley S. Itskowitch Or Title Date 5. RETURN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO: Name Address Sara J. Welch Dow, Lohnes & Albertson 1255 23rd Street, N. W., Suite 500 Washington, D. C. 20037 City State Zip Code Sec/State Rev. 1/93 Form LP-2—Filing Fee $16.00 Approved by Secretary of State THIS SPACE FOR FILING OFFICER USE 841990177 Filed In the office of the Secretary of State of the State of California Apr 01 1993 March Fong Eu March Fong Eu Secretary of State