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SEC Filings

INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form S-4 on 10/07/2016
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Falcon Telecable, a California Limited Partnership

   California   95-4455179

Falcon Video Communications, L.P.

   Delaware   95-4375518

Helicon Partners I, L.P.

   Delaware   22-3337392

Hometown T.V., LLC

   Delaware   14-1749551

HPI Acquisition Co. LLC

   Delaware   22-3441341

ICI Holdings, LLC

   Delaware   13-4074206

Insight Blocker LLC

   Delaware   81-2564976

Insight Capital LLC

   Delaware   13-4079679

Insight Communications Company, L.P.

   Delaware   13-3290944

Insight Communications Midwest, LLC

   Delaware   13-4013377

Insight Communications of Central Ohio, LLC

   Delaware   13-4017803

Insight Communications of Kentucky, L.P.

   Delaware   94-3291448

Insight Interactive, LLC

   Delaware   52-2200721

Insight Kentucky Capital, LLC

   Delaware   13-4079233

Insight Kentucky Partners I, L.P.

   Delaware   94-3291839

Insight Kentucky Partners II, L.P.

   Delaware   94-3291449

Insight Midwest Holdings, LLC

   Delaware   13-4147884

Insight Midwest, L.P.

   Delaware   13-4079232


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