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SEC Filings

INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form S-4 on 10/07/2016
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the Manager until a simple majority of the Votes elects otherwise. No additional person may be elected as Manager without the approval of a simple majority of the Votes (for purposes of this Agreement, to the extent the context requires, the term “person” refers to both individuals and entities). Except as otherwise required by applicable law and as provided below with respect to the Manager’s board of directors (the “Board”), the powers of the Company shall at all times be exercised by or under the authority of, and the business, property and affairs of the Company shall be managed by, or under the direction of, the Manager. The Manager is a “manager” of the Company within the meaning of the Act. Any person appointed as Manager shall accept its appointment by execution of a consent to this Agreement.

ii) The Manager shall be authorized to elect, remove or replace directors and officers of the Company, who shall have such authority with respect to the management of the business and affairs of the Company as set forth herein or as otherwise specified by the Manager in the resolution or resolutions pursuant to which such directors or officers were elected.

iii) Except as otherwise required by this Agreement or applicable law, the Manager shall be authorized to execute or endorse any check, draft, evidence of indebtedness, instrument, obligation, note, mortgage, contract, agreement, certificate or other document on behalf of the Company without the consent of any Member or other person.

iv) No annual or regular meetings of the Manager or the Members are required. The Manager may, by written consent, take any action which it is otherwise required or permitted to take at a meeting.

v) The Manager’s duty of care in the discharge of its duties to the Company and the Members is limited to discharging its duties pursuant to this Agreement in good faith, with the care a director of a Delaware corporation would exercise under similar circumstances, in the manner it reasonably believes to be in the best interests of the Company and its Members.

vi) Except as required by the Act, no Manager shall be liable for the debts, liabilities and obligations of the Company, including without limitation any debts, liabilities and obligations under a judgment, decree or order of a court, solely by reason of being a manager of the Company.

(b) Consent Required. The affirmative vote, approval, consent or ratification of the Manager shall be required to:

(1) alter the primary purposes of the Company as set forth in Section 2;

(2) issue economic interests in the Company to any Person and admit such Person as a member;

(3) do any act in contravention of this Agreement or any resolution of the members, or cause the Company to engage in any business not authorized by the Certificate or the terms of this Agreement or that which would make it impossible to carry on the usual course of business of the Company;