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SEC Filings

INSIGHT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY L P filed this Form S-4 on 10/07/2016
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  (7) to conform the text of the Indenture, the Notes, any Note Guarantee, the Intercreditor Agreement or any Security Document to any provision of this “Description of Notes;


  (8) to make any amendment to the provisions of the Indenture relating to the transfer and legending of notes; provided, however, that (a) compliance with the Indenture as so amended would not result in notes being transferred in violation of the Securities Act or any other applicable securities law and (b) such amendment does not materially and adversely affect the rights of Holders to transfer notes;


  (9) to release Collateral from the Lien securing the Notes when permitted or required by the Security Documents, the Indenture or the Intercreditor Agreement;


  (10) to evidence and provide for the acceptance and appointment under the Indenture of a successor Trustee thereunder pursuant to the requirements thereof;


  (11) to issue exchange notes and related Note Guarantees as provided for in the registration rights agreement relating to the Notes; or


  (12) to release a Note Guarantor pursuant to the terms of the Indenture.

The consent of the Holders of the Notes is not necessary under the Indenture to approve the particular form of any proposed amendment. It is sufficient if such consent approves the substance of the proposed amendment.

After an amendment under the Indenture becomes effective, the Issuers are required to transmit to Holders of the Notes a notice briefly describing such amendment. However, the failure to give such notice to all Holders of the Notes, or any defect therein, will not impair or affect the validity of the amendment.

Neither the Issuers nor any Affiliate of the Issuers may, directly or indirectly, pay or cause to be paid any consideration, whether by way of interest, fee or otherwise, to any Holder for or as an inducement to any consent, waiver or amendment of any of the terms or provisions of the Indenture or the Notes unless such consideration is offered to all Holders and is paid to all Holders that so consent, waive or agree to amend in the time frame set forth in the solicitation documents relating to such consent, waiver or agreement.


The Notes will be issued in registered form and will be transferable only upon the surrender of the Notes being transferred for registration of transfer. The Issuers may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax, assessment or other governmental charge payable in connection with certain transfers and exchanges.

Satisfaction and Discharge

When (1) the Issuers deliver to the Trustee all outstanding Notes of a series for cancelation or (2) all outstanding Notes of a series have become due and payable, whether at maturity or on a redemption date as a result of the transmitting of a notice of redemption, and, in the case of clause (2), the Issuers irrevocably deposit with the Trustee money, U.S. Government Obligations or any combination thereof sufficient to pay at maturity or upon redemption all outstanding Notes of such series, including interest thereon to maturity or such redemption date, and if in either case the Issuers pay all other sums payable under the Indenture by us with respect to such series, then the Indenture shall, subject to certain exceptions, cease to be of further effect with respect to that series.


At any time, Issuers may terminate all their obligations under the Indenture with respect to a series of Notes (“legal defeasance”), except for certain obligations, including those respecting the defeasance trust and obligations to register the transfer or exchange of the Notes of such series, to replace mutilated, destroyed, lost or stolen Notes of such series, and to maintain a registrar and paying agent in respect of the Notes of such series.