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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 05/19/2016
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or carryforward of a loss or other Tax item, (iv) a change attributable to an amended Tax Return filed for such Covered Taxable Year (provided, however, that such a change attributable to an audit of a Tax Return by an applicable Taxing Authority relating to the deductibility of depreciation or amortization deductions attributable to any Basis Adjustment shall not be taken into account under this Section 2.01(b) unless and until there has been a Determination with respect to such change) or (v) to comply with the expert’s determination under the Reconciliation Procedures. The parties shall cooperate in connection with any proposed revision to the Covered Tax Benefit (if any), the Covered Tax Detriment (if any) and the Tax Benefit Payment (if any) for a Covered Taxable Year. The party proposing a change to such an item shall provide the other party a schedule (a “Revised Schedule”) showing the computation and explanation of such revision, together with work papers providing reasonable detail regarding the computation of such items. Subject to the other provisions of this Agreement, such revised Covered Tax Benefit (if any), revised Covered Tax Detriment (if any) and/or revised Tax Benefit Payment (if any) shall become final 30 calendar days after delivery of such Revised Schedule unless the other party, during such 30 calendar day period, provides written notice of a material objection thereto made in good faith. If the parties, negotiating in good faith, are unable to successfully resolve the issues raised in such notice within 15 calendar days, New Charter and A/N shall employ the Reconciliation Procedures.

(c) Applicable Principles. It is the intention of the parties for the Charter Member to pay A/N 50% of the additional Covered Taxes that the Charter Group would have been required to pay on Tax Returns that have actually been filed had those Tax Returns been computed by reference to Non-Stepped Up Tax Basis for the Exchange Assets and excluding any deductions attributable to Imputed Interest and this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with such intention. Such amount shall be determined using a “with and without” methodology. Carryovers or carrybacks of any Tax item shall be considered to be subject to the rules of the Code (or any successor U.S. Federal Income Tax statute) and the Treasury Regulations or the appropriate provisions of U.S. state and local income and franchise Tax law, as applicable, governing the use, limitation and expiration of carryovers or carrybacks of the relevant type. If a carryover or carryback of any Tax item includes a portion that is attributable to the Basis Adjustment and another portion that is not, such portions shall be considered to be used in the order determined using such “with and without” methodology.


Tax Benefit Payments

SECTION 3.01. Payments. (a) Within 3 Business Days of the Tax Schedule for any Covered Taxable Year becoming final under Section 2.01(a), the Charter Member shall pay to A/N an amount equal to the Tax Benefit Payment (determined in accordance with Section 3.01(b)). Each Tax Benefit Payment shall be made by wire transfer of immediately available funds to the bank accounts of A/N previously designated by A/N to the Charter Member.

(b) A “Tax Benefit Payment” shall mean an amount, not less than zero, equal to, with respect to any Covered Taxable Year, the amount of Covered Tax Benefits, if any, for a Covered Taxable Year;