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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 05/19/2016
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(b) Registration of Transfer. In furtherance of the foregoing, with respect to the Convertible Preferred Units, the Company shall maintain a register which, subject to such reasonable regulations as the Manager may prescribe, will provide for the registration and Transfer of Convertible Preferred Units Transferred in accordance with Section 6.3. The Manager may appoint the Transfer Agent to be the registrar and transfer agent for the purposes of registration of the Convertible Preferred Units and Transfers of such Convertible Preferred Units as provided herein. In the absence of manifest error, the register kept by or on behalf of the Company shall be conclusive as to the identity of the holders of the Convertible Preferred Units. Upon surrender of any Convertible Preferred Unit Certificate for registration of Transfer of any Convertible Preferred Units evidenced by Convertible Preferred Unit Certificate in accordance with Section 6.3, the Company shall deliver or cause to be delivered, in the name of the holder of record thereof (or the designated transferee or transferees) one or more new Convertible Preferred Unit Certificate(s) evidencing the same aggregate number of Convertible Preferred Units evidenced by the Convertible Preferred Unit Certificate so surrendered. In the case of any Transfer of Convertible Preferred Units permitted pursuant to Section 6.3, the transferor shall provide the address and other contact information for each transferee as contemplated by Section 8.6. No charge shall be imposed by the Company for such Transfer; provided, that as a condition to the issuance of any new Convertible Preferred Unit Certificate or the registration of any such Transfer, the Company may require the payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charge that may be imposed with respect thereto.

(c) Conditions. Subject to Section 6.3(c), the admission of any Person as a new Member shall be conditioned upon such Person’s written acceptance of and adoption of all of the terms and provisions of this Agreement by execution and delivery of the Joinder Agreement to this Agreement in the form set forth in Exhibit C.

SECTION 6.5 Right of First Refusal; Right of First Offer and Matching Right.

(a) Grant of Right of First Refusal. For as long as any Convertible Preferred Units remain outstanding, and subject to the terms and procedures set forth in Section 6.5(b) below, each A/N Party (as applicable, the “Preferred Transferor”) hereby grants to the Company a right of first refusal (the “Preferred ROFR”) over any Transfer of Convertible Preferred Units proposed to be Transferred (including to any Liberty Party (as defined in the Stockholders Agreement)) by any A/N Party (other than (i) a Transfer to any other A/N Party, (ii) a Transfer (or deemed Transfer) effected by an A/N Party in compliance with Section 4.6(c) or Section 4.6(d) of the Stockholders Agreement, or (iii) a Preferred Private Placement Offering that is conducted in compliance with this Section 6.5) (a “ROFR Covered Transfer”).

(b) Terms and Procedures. For as long as any Convertible Preferred Units remain outstanding, the Preferred Transferor shall not effect a ROFR Covered Transfer, unless it shall first comply with the following provisions:

(i) If at any time a Preferred Transferor proposes to effect, or receives an offer to effect, a ROFR Covered Transfer, then such Preferred Transferor shall promptly give the Company written notice of the Preferred Transferor’s intention