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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 05/19/2016
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SECTION 8.1 Notices. Except as otherwise specifically provided herein or required by law, all notices required to be given to any stockholder, director, officer, employee or agent may in every instance be effectively given by hand delivery to the recipient thereof, by depositing such notice in the mails, postage-paid, or with a recognized overnight-delivery service or by sending such notice by facsimile or other means of electronic transmission, or such other means as is provided by law. Any such notice shall be addressed to such stockholder, director, officer, employee or agent at such person’s last known address as the same appears on the books of the Corporation. The time when such notice is received, if hand delivered, or dispatched, if delivered through the mails or by overnight delivery service, or by telegram, mailgram or facsimile, shall be the time of the giving of the notice.

SECTION 8.2 Waivers. A written waiver of any notice, signed by a stockholder, director, officer, employee or agent, whether before or after the time of the event for which notice is to be given, shall be deemed equivalent to the notice required to be given to such stockholder, director, officer, employee, agent. Neither the business nor the purpose of any meeting need be specified in such a waiver.



SECTION 9.1 Facsimile Signatures. In addition to the provisions for use of facsimile signatures elsewhere specifically authorized in these Bylaws, facsimile signatures of any officer or officers of the Corporation may be used whenever and as authorized by the Board or a committee thereof.

SECTION 9.2 Corporate Seal. The Board may provide a suitable seal, containing the name of the Corporation, which seal shall be in the charge of the Secretary of the Corporation. If and when so directed by the Board or a committee thereof, duplicates of the seal may be kept and used by the Corporation’s Treasurer or by an Assistant Secretary or Assistant Treasurer.

SECTION 9.3 Reliance Upon Books, Reports and Records. Each director, each member of any committee designated by the Board, and each officer of the Corporation shall, in the performance of his or her duties, be fully protected in relying in good faith upon the books of account or other records of the Corporation and upon such information, opinions, reports or statements presented to the Corporation by any of its officers or employees, or committees of the Board so designated, or by any other person as to matters which such director or committee member reasonably believes are within such other person’s professional or expert competence and who has been selected with reasonable care or on behalf of the Corporation.

SECTION 9.4 Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the Corporation shall be as fixed by the Board.

SECTION 9.5 Time Periods. In applying any provision of these Bylaws which requires that an act be done or not be done a specified number of days prior to an event or that an act be done during a period of a specified number of days prior to an event, calendar days shall be used, the day of the doing of the act shall be excluded, and the day of the event shall be included.