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SEC Filings

CCO HOLDINGS LLC filed this Form 8-K12B on 05/24/2016
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Borrower that, at any point following the Restatement Effective Date, no longer qualifies as a Shell Subsidiary that is designated as a Non-Recourse Subsidiary by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries substantially concurrently with such failure to qualify as a Shell Subsidiary and (d) any Subsidiary of any such designated Subsidiary, provided, that (i) at no time shall any creditor of any such Subsidiary have any claim (whether pursuant to a Guarantee Obligation or otherwise) against the Borrower or any of its other Subsidiaries (other than another Non-Recourse Subsidiary) in respect of any Indebtedness or other obligation (except for obligations arising by operation of law, including joint and several liability for taxes, ERISA and similar items) of any such Subsidiary (other than in respect of a non-recourse pledge of Equity Interests in such Subsidiary); (ii) neither the Borrower nor any of its Subsidiaries (other than another Non-Recourse Subsidiary) shall become a general partner of any such Subsidiary; (iii) no default with respect to any Indebtedness of any such Subsidiary (including any right which the holders thereof may have to take enforcement action against any such Subsidiary), shall permit solely as a result of such Indebtedness being in default or accelerated (upon notice, lapse of time or both) any holder of any Indebtedness of the Borrower or its other Subsidiaries (other than another Non-Recourse Subsidiary) to declare a default on such other Indebtedness or cause the payment thereof to be accelerated or payable prior to its final scheduled maturity; (iv) no such Subsidiary shall own any Equity Interests of, or own or hold any Lien on any property of, the Borrower or any other Subsidiary of the Borrower (other than another Non-Recourse Subsidiary); (v) no Investments may be made in any such Subsidiary by the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries (other than by another Non-Recourse Subsidiary) except to the extent permitted under Section 7.7(g), (h), (l) or (n); (vi) the Borrower shall not directly own any Equity Interests in such Subsidiary (other than an Escrow Borrower); (vii) at the time of such designation, no Default or Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing or would result therefrom; (viii) such Subsidiary is not a Loan Party; and (ix) such Subsidiary was not acquired pursuant to Section 7.7(f). It is understood that Non-Recourse Subsidiaries shall be disregarded for the purposes of any calculation pursuant to this Agreement relating to financial matters with respect to the Borrower.

Non-U.S. Lender”: as defined in Section 2.17(d).

Notes”: the collective reference to any promissory note evidencing Loans.

Notice of Borrowing”: an irrevocable notice of borrowing, substantially in the form of Exhibit E or such other form as may be approved by the Administrative Agent (including any form on an electronic platform or electronic transmission system as shall be approved by the Administrative Agent), appropriately completed and signed by a Responsible Officer of the Borrower, to be delivered in connection with each extension of credit hereunder.

Obligations”: as defined in the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement.

Offered Loans”: as defined in Section 2.8(b)(iii)

Offered Prepayment Option Notice”: as defined in Section 2.8(b)(v).

Offered Range”: as defined in Section 2.8(b)(ii).

Offered Voluntary Prepayment”: as defined in Section 2.8(b)(i).

Offered Voluntary Prepayment Notice”: as defined in Section 2.8(b)(v).

Original Restatement Effective Date”: March 6, 2007.