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SEC Filings

CCO HOLDINGS LLC filed this Form 8-K12B on 05/24/2016
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Eurodollar Base Rate

1.00 - Eurocurrency Reserve Requirements

Eurodollar Tranche”: the collective reference to Eurodollar Loans of a particular Class, the then current Interest Periods with respect to all of which begin on the same date and end on the same later date (whether or not such Loans shall originally have been made on the same day).

Event of Default”: any of the events specified in Section 8.1, provided that any requirement for the giving of notice, the lapse of time, or both, has been satisfied.

Exchange”: any exchange of operating assets for other operating assets in a Permitted Line of Business and, subject to the last sentence of this definition, of comparable value and use to those assets being exchanged, including exchanges involving the transfer or acquisition (or both transfer and acquisition) of Equity Interests of a Person so long as 100% of the Equity Interests of such Person held by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries are transferred or 100% of the Equity Interests of such Person are acquired, as the case may be. It is understood that exchanges of the kind described above as to which a portion of the consideration paid or received is in the form of cash shall nevertheless constitute “Exchanges” for the purposes of this Agreement.

Exchange Act” means the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Exchange Date”: the date of consummation of any Exchange; provided that, with respect to a series of related Dispositions required pursuant to a plan of Exchange contained in a single agreement, the Exchange Date shall be the date of the first such Disposition.

Exchange Excess Amount”: as defined in Section 7.5(g).

Excluded Acquired Subsidiary”: any Subsidiary described in paragraph (f) of Section 7.2 to the extent that the documentation governing the Indebtedness referred to in said paragraph prohibits (including by reason of its inability to satisfy a leverage ratio or other financial covenant condition under such Indebtedness) such Subsidiary from becoming a Subsidiary Guarantor, but only so long as such Indebtedness remains outstanding.

Existing Class”: as defined in Section 2.1(h).

Existing Credit Agreement”: as defined in the recitals hereto.

Existing Letter of Credit”: each letter of credit described on Schedule 3.1.

Extended Revolving Commitment”: as defined in Section 2.1(i).

Extended Term Loans”: as defined in Section 2.1(h).

Extended Term Maturity Date”: with respect to the Extended Term Loans created pursuant to any Incremental Activation Notice, the final maturity date specified in the applicable Incremental Activation Notice.

Extending Term Lender”: as defined in Section 2.1(h).

Extension Election”: as defined in Section 2.1(h).