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SEC Filings

CCO HOLDINGS LLC filed this Form 8-K12B on 05/24/2016
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WHEREAS, Section 802 of the Indenture provides that upon any consolidation of a Restricted Party with, or merger of a Restricted Party into, any other Person or any conveyance, transfer or lease of all or substantially all of the properties and assets of a Restricted Party in accordance with Section 801, the successor Person formed by such consolidation or into which such Restricted Party is merged or to which such conveyance, transfer or lease is made, shall succeed to, and be substituted for, and may exercise every right and power of, such Restricted Party under this Indenture with the same effect as if such successor Person had been named as such Restricted Party herein, and thereafter, except in the case of a lease, the predecessor Person shall be relieved of all obligations and covenants under this Indenture and the Securities;

WHEREAS, TWC entered into that certain Agreement and Plan of Mergers, dated as of May 23, 2015, by and among Charter Communications, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Charter”), the Company, CCH I, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“New Charter”), Nina Corporation I, Inc., a Delaware corporation, Nina Company II, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, and Nina Company III, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, pursuant to which the parties will engage in a series of transactions that will result in New Charter becoming the public indirect parent company of TWC and Charter on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth therein (the “Merger”);

WHEREAS, in connection with the Merger, substantially concurrently with the execution of this Thirteenth Supplemental Indenture, TWC shall transfer all of its assets to NewCo (the “Asset Transfer”);

WHEREAS, TWC and NewCo have duly authorized the execution and delivery of this Thirteenth Supplemental Indenture to provide for the assumption of the obligations of TWC under the Indenture by NewCo upon consummation of the Asset Transfer effective as of May 18, 2016;

WHEREAS, this Thirteenth Supplemental Indenture is being executed pursuant to and in accordance with Section 901 of the Indenture; and

WHEREAS, all things necessary to make this Thirteenth Supplemental Indenture a valid and binding agreement of TWCE, TWC, NewCo, TW NY, TWCIH II and the New Guarantors in accordance with its terms have been done.


For and in consideration of the premises and other good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency and receipt of which are hereby acknowledged, it is mutually agreed, for the equal and proportionate benefit of all Holders of the Securities, as follows: