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SEC Filings

CCO HOLDINGS LLC filed this Form 8-K12B on 05/24/2016
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disbursements in books of the Company to be maintained for such purpose; shall deposit all moneys and other valuable effects of the Company in the name and to the credit of the Company in depositories designated by the Manager or the Board; and shall disburse the funds of the Company as may be ordered by the Manager or the Board.

v) Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board, if any, shall perform such duties as shall be assigned, and shall exercise such powers as may be granted to him or her by the Manager or the Board.

vi) Authority of Officers. The officers, to the extent of their powers set forth in this Agreement or otherwise vested in them by action of the Manager or the Board not inconsistent with this Agreement, are agents of the Company for the purpose of the Company’s business and the actions of the officers taken in accordance with such powers shall bind the Company.

SECTION 6. Members.

(a) Members. The Members of the Company shall be set forth on Exhibit B hereto as amended from time to time. The Members are not required to make any capital contribution to the Company; however, the Members may make capital contributions to the Company at any time in their sole discretion (for which its capital account balance shall be appropriately increased). Each Member shall have a capital account in the Company, the balance of which is to be determined in accordance with the principles of Treasury Regulation Section 1.704- 1(b)(2)(iv). The provisions of this Agreement, including this Section 6, are intended to benefit the Members and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, shall not be construed as conferring any benefit upon any creditor of the Company. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the Members shall not have any duty or obligation to any creditor of the Company to make any contribution to the Company.

(b) Admission of Members. Other persons may be admitted as Members from time to time pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement.

(c) Limited Liability. Except as required by the Act, no Member shall be liable for the debts, liabilities and obligations of the Company, including without limitation any debts, liabilities and obligations of the Company under a judgment, decree or order of a court, solely by reason of being a member of the Company.

(d) Competing Activities. Notwithstanding any duty otherwise existing at law or in equity, (i) neither a Member nor a Manager of the Company, or any of their respective affiliates, partners, members, shareholders, directors, managers, officers or employees, shall be expressly or impliedly restricted or prohibited solely by virtue of this Agreement or the relationships created hereby from engaging in other activities or business ventures of any kind or character whatsoever and (ii) except as otherwise agreed in writing or by written Company policy, each Member and Manager of the Company, and their respective affiliates, partners, members, shareholders, directors, managers, officers and employees, shall have the right to conduct, or to possess a direct or indirect ownership interest in, activities and business ventures of every type and description, including activities and business ventures in direct competition with the Company.