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SEC Filings

CCO HOLDINGS LLC filed this Form 8-K12B on 05/24/2016
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138. Marcus Cable of Alabama, L.L.C.
139. Marcus Cable, LLC
140. Midwest Cable Communications, LLC
141. Peachtree Cable TV, L.P.
142. Peachtree Cable TV, LLC
143. Phone Transfers (AL), LLC
144. Phone Transfers (CA), LLC
145. Phone Transfers (GA), LLC
146. Phone Transfers (NC), LLC
147. Phone Transfers (TN), LLC
148. Phone Transfers (VA), LLC
149. Plattsburgh Cablevision, LLC
150. Renaissance Media LLC
151. Rifkin Acquisition Partners, LLC
152. Robin Media Group, LLC
153. Scottsboro TV Cable, LLC
154. Tennessee, LLC
155. The Helicon Group, L.P.
156. Vista Broadband Communications, LLC
157. VOIP Transfers (AL), LLC
158. VOIP Transfers (CA) LLC
159. VOIP Transfers (GA), LLC
160. VOIP Transfers (NC), LLC
161. VOIP Transfers (TN), LLC
162. VOIP Transfers (VA), LLC
163. AdCast North Carolina Cable Advertising, LLC
164. Alabanza LLC
165. America’s Job Exchange LLC
166. Coaxial Communications of Central Ohio LLC
167. DukeNet Communications Holdings, LLC
168. DukeNet Communications, LLC
169. ICI Holdings, LLC
170. Insight Blocker LLC
171. Insight Capital LLC
172. Insight Communications Company LLC
173. Insight Communications Company, L.P.
174. Insight Communications Midwest, LLC
175. Insight Communications of Central Ohio, LLC
176. Insight Communications of Kentucky, L.P.
177. Insight Interactive, LLC
178. Insight Kentucky Capital, LLC
179. Insight Kentucky Partners I, L.P.
180. Insight Kentucky Partners II, L.P.
181. Insight Midwest Holdings, LLC
182. Insight Midwest, L.P.
183. Insight Phone of Indiana, LLC
184. Insight Phone of Kentucky, LLC


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