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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 03/08/2016
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MARCH 07, 2016 / 07:05PM GMT, CHTR - Charter Communications Inc at Deutsche Bank Media, Internet & Telecom Conference

Sure go ahead.

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(inaudible - microphone inaccessible).

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Yes. What -- I'll just hold on for a few minutes and I'll come. Let's talk about programming costs for a second. So how do you see growth in programing cost trending over the next, say, three to five years and do you think we're at a point where consolidation and content fragmentation are shifting some of the leverage to yourselves and other distributors?

Chris Winfrey - Charter Communications, Inc. - EVP & CFO

Frankly, I expect it to continue to increase. I don't think there is an opportunity to roll back programing costs. I think is a function of how the business is developing and that it's been fully penetrated from a Pay TV perspective. It's difficult for a content provider to be able to get additional unit growth inside the traditional space today. But I don't see the way that people package themselves as programmers falling apart overnight and I don't see the business model getting re-priced overnight. Could it be that the pricing increases are a bit more moderate than what they've been in the past, I certainly hope so. I wish it would roll back, but I don't think that's happening anytime.

Unidentified Participant

And we -- can you remind us of your timeline for rolling out Spectrum guide to the legacy Charter footprint and can you just frame what the rollout costs are to the extent that are meaningful?

Chris Winfrey - Charter Communications, Inc. - EVP & CFO

Sure. To the extent that we were not in this transaction with TWC and Bright House, we would be doing a majority of the Charter footprint with Spectrum Guide rollouts this year. It's going very well, and technically it's work every bit as much we expected. It's scaling well and that's had positive customer feedback. We're rolling it out in Missouri, in Nevada, right now. I think Tom was mentioning publically last week that one of the things that we're thinking about as an operator with 4 million video customers today is about to become an operator with 17 million video customers. So just sit back for a second set of racing to deploy it on the Charter footprint and think about how you reduce Spectrum guide on the increment going forward inside the Time Warner Cable and Bright House footprint. Particularly if you are going to be put in a position where you're going to want to present the rebranding of the company into Spectrum, is this an asset that you should think about the way that you deploy in that context and the answer is yes.

So we haven't made any firm decisions yet in terms of how we use it and how quickly we'll go into TWC and Bright House footprint. But I think it could be the case that it causes us to slow down just a little bit the Charter footprint, so that we can have a holistic strategy across the entire new footprint.

Unidentified Participant

From a technology standpoint, I mean do you think it's (multiple speakers).

Chris Winfrey - Charter Communications, Inc. - EVP & CFO

And some of the concerns that we had heard in the marketplace about congestion with the video on demand streaming, we've not seen any of that. It's very fast, it works very well and we're able to deploy it with minimal customer disruption, which is really the important point. So the economics of it, we're not having to do truck rolls, we're not having to replace existing set-top boxes, we do need to put some more servers at the edge in the local network environment, but it's dramatically less costly in going into all the homes and swapping out all the boxes to go put an IP user interface in place.


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