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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 03/08/2016
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MARCH 07, 2016 / 07:05PM GMT, CHTR - Charter Communications Inc at Deutsche Bank Media, Internet & Telecom Conference

Unidentified Participant

What are your latest expectations on timing of the merger closing and maybe if you could talk about California specifically as well.

Chris Winfrey - Charter Communications, Inc. - EVP & CFO

Sure. The good news is that the public record is actually pretty deep and complete. There's a number of ex parte filings that have been filed, there is a very public shot clock, which of course the FCC could decide that they're going to extend, but they've not said that today, so our assumption is that we continue to work towards the shot clock and by virtue of the ex parte that have been filed, most people can see the type of discussions that we're having with the FCC and we're looking forward to finding a productive path forward in a way that makes sense, first for the social benefits that they're looking to achieve through the transaction as well as making sure that it's economical for our shareholders as well.

In terms of California, we were able to bring in the final review date by a month to May 12 and right now that looks to be our best case scenario even if the FCC and DOJ were done sooner.

Unidentified Participant

Okay and so once you're through closing, what are the initial areas you're going to focus on as you start to execute the integration and implementing your operating strategy on the acquired assets?

Chris Winfrey - Charter Communications, Inc. - EVP & CFO

So, we have a seasoned operating team that's in place, that's been planning this integration for some time. There are a number of different things that we're looking to do, one of which is make sure that we have the organizational structure setup with clear responsibility and authority from day one as to who's tasked with doing certain types of activities. The change management is under control from a customer perspective that as things occur, it happens in a disciplined and controlled environment. Another area is to make sure that is quickly as possible we can get out with a competitive pricing product and packaging structure into the marketplace, so that we can do what I mentioned was the key reason to do the set of acquisitions, which is really to accelerate customer relationship growth and therefore increase the revenue growth, increase the top line.

So getting new pricing and packaging out as quickly as possible is probably one of the key priorities. In addition to that as we roll out new pricing and packaging and as we start to implement Spectrum Guide, we'll rebrand the assets along the way under the Spectrum brand. We'll continue to take TWC and Bright House all digital and make sure that we really unleash the power of the broadband network that's there, increase the speeds and be able to provide a fully competitive product set whether there is in fact competition or not, that's how we behave in the marketplace as if there is always a fire in the footprint.

Unidentified Participant

I going to come back to some of those things. But first let me ask, I mean, should we expect there to be significant integration costs in the short-term that are going to offset the impact of some of the synergies?

Chris Winfrey - Charter Communications, Inc. - EVP & CFO

All that is depending on definition of what's significant or material. There will be some costs along the way. We've had a fair amount of cost to date, which we've been labeling as transition capital and transition OpEx. If anybody's looking at our financial statements notice that we've been planning this transaction for a while and we've been trying to spend and to build platforms, cloud-based operating platforms to get ahead of the transactions to be able to in a position to integrate the assets faster and to put a better product out as quickly as possible and to improve our service as quickly as possible.

So we've been spending on those type of categories. We're going to continue to do so, post-closing. There may be some one-time costs along the way that are attached to the achievement of some of the transaction synergies. But as we have been in the past, we're going to be very transparent, we'll label that for people, so that they can take a look at what the total financial results were, what was the recurring and the non-recurring portions of it and as we develop synergies along the way, we'll disclose that as well as to what portion of the growth is really coming from transaction synergies.


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