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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 02/22/2016
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Rating Agencies” means (i) each of Moody’s, S&P and Fitch Ratings Ltd.; and (ii) if any of Moody’s, S&P or Fitch Ratings Ltd. ceases to rate the Notes or fails to make a rating of the Notes publicly available for reasons outside the Company’s control, a “nationally recognized statistical rating organization” within the meaning of Rule 15c3-1(c)(2)(vi)(F) under the Exchange Act, as amended, selected by the Company (as certified by a resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors) as a replacement agency for Moody’s, S&P, Fitch Ratings Ltd. or each of them, as the case may be.
Ratings Decline Period means the period that (i) begins on the earlier of (a) the date of the first public announcement of the occurrence of a Change of Control and (b) the occurrence of a Change of Control and (ii) ends 90 days following consummation of such Change of Control; provided that such period shall be extended for so long as the rating of the Notes, as noted by the applicable Rating Agency, is under publicly announced consideration for downgrade by the applicable Rating Agency.
Ratings Event” means a downgrade by one or more gradations (including gradations within ratings categories as well as between rating categories) or withdrawal of the rating of the Notes within the Ratings Decline Period by two or more Rating Agencies (unless the applicable Rating Agency shall have put forth a written statement to the effect that such downgrade is not attributable in whole or in part to the applicable Change of Control) following which (except in the case of a withdrawal of a rating) the rating of the Notes by each such Rating Agency is below such Rating Agency’s rating of the Notes on the Issue Date.
Reference Period” has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of “Leverage Ratio.”
Register means a register in which, subject to such reasonable regulations as it may prescribe, the Issuers shall provide for the registration of the Notes and of transfers and exchanges of such Notes which the Issuers shall cause to be kept at the appropriate office of the Registrar in accordance with Section 2.03.
Registration Rights Agreement” means (1) with respect to the Notes issued on the Issue Date, the Registration Rights Agreement, to be dated the Issue Date, among the Issuers, the guarantor, and the Initial Purchasers and (2) with respect to any Additional Notes, any registration rights agreement between the Issuers and the other parties thereto relating to the registration by the Issuers of such Additional Notes under the Securities Act.
Regulation S Global Note” means a Global Note substantially in the form of Exhibit A hereto bearing the Global Note Legend, the Private Placement Legend and the Regulation S Legend deposited with or on behalf of, and registered in the name of, the Depositary or its nominee that will be issued in an initial denomination equal to the outstanding principal amount of any Additional Notes initially sold in reliance on Rule 903 of Regulation S.
Regulation S Legend” means the legend set forth in Section 2.06(g)(iii) which is required to be placed on all Regulation S Global Notes issued under this Supplemental Indenture.
Restricted Investment” means an Investment other than a Permitted Investment.