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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 02/05/2016
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FEBRUARY 04, 2016 / 03:00PM GMT, CHTR - Q4 2015 Charter Communications Inc Earnings Call

Ben Swinburne - Morgan Stanley - Analyst

That's helpful. Thank you. Anything on 3.1?

Tom Rutledge - Charter Communications Inc - President and CEO

Yes, with regard to 3.1, we didn't specifically plan for it in Legacy Charter in this fiscal year. But the modems will become available commercially later this year, and we think that it's possible that we'll start to deploy those modems, in lieu of 3.0 modems. But we don't have a specific plan to do that yet. But over the next 18 months, this platform is going to become available to the industry, at commercially deployable pricing. And we expect that we will begin the transition in the new Company over that timeframe.

Ben Swinburne - Morgan Stanley - Analyst

Thank you.

Stefan Anninger - Charter Communications Inc - VP of IR

Thanks, Ben. Kim, next question, please.


Your next question comes from the line of Craig Moffett with Moffett.

Craig Moffett - MoffettNathanson LLC - Analyst

Thank you. Tom, I wonder if you could just update us on the rollout of your Spectrum Guide? Your IP-agnostic or legacy set top box-agnostic Spectrum Guide? And whether you can update the timing of when that will be fully deployed to your footprint? And then Chris, if you could comment on the longer-term capital intensity outlook with that platform? Capital intensity hasn't really come down quite as quickly as we would have expected. I think longer term, your guidance has suggested that it come down well below 15%. (technical difficulty) If you could put numbers around that, in broad terms, if you could?

Tom Rutledge - Charter Communications Inc - President and CEO

So with regard to the Guide, we're rolling it out now, and we have the ability to roll it out inside our own footprint this year, meaning the existing footprint. The transition process of integrating the other companies, and building a game plan to roll it out, is going to take longer. And so we will not -- assuming we close sometime in the near future on those companies, we're not going to get them completely rolled out this fiscal year, but I think we can begin the process by the end of this year.

The big issue, interestingly, we've gotten all the bugs that we think could exist out of this system, and it works very well. The choice before us will be, do we roll it out on every outlet en masse? Or do we roll it out incrementally, to just new customers, and then begin to make it optional to existing customers? And the tension there is that there's some people that just are confused by new user interfaces. And you have to manage that process of the customer education, as well as the desire to get a highly functional UI out in front of everyone, simultaneously. So we're still wrestling with the right rollout strategy. But operationally, it works very well, and it's capable of being fully deployed.


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