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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 02/05/2016
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FEBRUARY 04, 2016 / 03:00PM GMT, CHTR - Q4 2015 Charter Communications Inc Earnings Call

other] customer relationship growth, better sell-in to multiple products in the household, PSU growth as a result. And then, several quarters on, you'd see a re-acceleration of the revenue growth, which would be stunted, short-term, by putting in the high value pricing and packaging.

And then, over time, you'd see EBITDA growth and reduction of capital intensity. All of which you've see at Charter, and it does provide the baseline model. The differences being, going forward, is we think we can do it faster because of the status of where TWC and Bright House are already at, in terms of the quality of the plant, and some improvements even in the past year. And the fact that we'll have transaction benefits, as a result, that can be re-invested into the business along the way, to bring better products, faster, to the TWC and Bright House customers.

Philip Cusick - JPMorgan - Analyst

Got it. Thanks, guys.

Stefan Anninger - Charter Communications Inc - VP of IR

Thanks, Phil. Kim, next question please.


Your next question comes from the line of Amy Yong with Macquarie.

Amy Yong - Macquarie Research Equities - Analyst

Thanks, Tom. Can you just talk about the evolution of the bundle? And triple play penetration has been growing nicely, both at Time Warner Cable and Charter, but how might that change as skinny bundles gain traction? Or perhaps, generally, internet packages? Thank you.

Tom Rutledge - Charter Communications Inc - President and CEO

You could still have triple play in a skinny bundle world. Triple Play refers to voice, data and video. And so you could -- if one could comprise or build skinny bundles that worked in the marketplace in a significant way, meaning customers adopted them, kept them, and were happy with them, you could still build the package products that would make sense for consumers.

So I don't think it has any direct impact on triple play potential, or any other bundled potential. That said, 96% of our customers are still expanded basic customers. So it's a -- the big package is still what most people take, in our markets today. And if, in fact, programmers allow their content to be sold in skinny bundles, which I think would be very consumer friendly, it would -- you could still build high-quality packages that would work in the marketplace, in my opinion.

Amy Yong - Macquarie Research Equities - Analyst

Great. Thank you.

Stefan Anninger - Charter Communications Inc - VP of IR

Kim, we have time for one last question.


Your last question comes from the line of James Ratcliffe with Buckingham Research Group.


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