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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 02/05/2016
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FEBRUARY 04, 2016 / 03:00PM GMT, CHTR - Q4 2015 Charter Communications Inc Earnings Call

Tom Rutledge - Charter Communications Inc - President and CEO

We had a very small increase. I don't remember if it was $0.70 or something, in that category, inside of -- call it October. And that was a lower amount of increase, relative to what it was in Q4 of 2014. So the important thing to keep in mind is yes, there was a little bit there, but it was lower than it was in Q4 2014.

Jeff Wlodarczak - Pivotal Research Group - Analyst

Got it, thank you.

Chris Winfrey - Charter Communications Inc - CFO

And later, as well, [watching it].

Stefan Anninger - Charter Communications Inc - VP of IR

Thanks, Jeff. Kim, next question please.


Your next question comes from the line of Phil Cusick with JPMorgan.

Philip Cusick - JPMorgan - Analyst

I was amused with your letter to customers, regarding the Time Warner Cable price increase. And I wonder if you can help us think about where the net prices are, for different types of customers today, yours versus Time Warner Cable? And as well as how things are billed? And how we should think about the transition of Time Warner Cable revenue, as you move those new prices through, over the next year? Thanks.

Tom Rutledge - Charter Communications Inc - President and CEO

I don't know what letter you were referring to, to Time Warner customers. We didn't send any letter to our customers, that I'm aware of.

Philip Cusick - JPMorgan - Analyst

Wasn't there's an open letter to Time Warner customers, after their price increase?

Tom Rutledge - Charter Communications Inc - President and CEO

It wasn't from us.

Philip Cusick - JPMorgan - Analyst

I'm sorry, I'm confused.


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