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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 12/03/2015
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Filed by Charter Communications, Inc.
Pursuant to Rule 425 under the Securities Act of 1933
and deemed filed pursuant to Rule 14a-6
under the Securities Act of 1934
Subject Company: Time Warner Cable Inc.
Commission File No. 001-33335

The following is information made available online on the Charter Resource Center website and online on certain Charter social media channels. @CharterGov *

Charter-TWC-BHN Transaction Update
With minimum broadband speeds of 60 Mbps and no data caps, no usage-based billing, no contracts and settlement-free interconnection, Charter is an industry leader in how to treat broadband consumers and online video distributors (OVDs) like Netflix.
New Charter will bring these pro-consumer and OVD practices to more homes without being too big.
New Charter would serve only 23% of subscribers receiving 25 Mbps and above.
Smaller than the percentage Comcast serves today.
Significantly less than the roughly 60% Comcast-TWC would have served.
New Charter will serve 21% of all wireline broadband customers, which is less than Comcast and only slightly more than AT&T.
New Charter will be a better platform for OVDs.
Netflix supports this merger and called for its swift approval.
Broadband subscribership is Charter’s leading driver of growth; consumers appreciate our superior broadband when multiple family members are using data intensive applications like online video.
Charter views over--the--top content as complimentary to its MVPD service, allowing it to better compete against satellite and other video providers.
Charter developed a state--of--the--art, cloud--based programming guide that enables OVD content to be accessed along with cable networks for a seamless viewing experience.
Charter’s management will bring the same incentives, perspectives and products to New Charter.
New Charter is not Comcast and claims that they would create a duopoly are baseless, as the companies have different strategies.
New Charter will offer fast minimum broadband of 60 Mbps, streamlined billing, no data caps, no usage-based billing, no modem fees and a generous interconnection policy.
New Charter does not have significant programming interests to protect and thus has no incentive to harm OVDs.
Charter wants to provide its video subscribers with access to OVD content, which it views as complementary.
Charter developed a downloadable security system with a cloud-based guide that enables us to work with any manufacturer to build cable boxes, to deploy advanced, two-way capability and search and discovery of TV content more cheaply, and to more easily partner with OVDs.