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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 11/25/2015
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continuation statements in such jurisdictions and filing offices and containing such description of collateral as are reasonably necessary or advisable in order to perfect the security interest granted herein. The Escrow Issuer also hereby authorizes the Trustee to file any financing or continuation statements with respect to the Collateral without its respective signature (to the extent permitted by applicable law). The Escrow Issuer shall pay all reasonable and documented out-of-pocket costs incurred in connection with any of the foregoing, it being understood that the Trustee shall have no duty to determine whether to file or record any document or instrument relating to Collateral. Neither the Trustee nor the Escrow Agent shall have any duty or obligation to file or record any document or otherwise to see to the grant or perfection of any security interest granted hereunder.

(d) The Escrow Issuer hereby appoints the Trustee as attorney-in-fact with full power of substitution to do any act that the Escrow Issuer is obligated hereby to do, and the Trustee may, but shall not be obligated to, upon the occurrence and during the continuation of an Event of Default, exercise such rights as the Escrow Issuer might exercise with respect to the Collateral and take any action in the Escrow Issuer’s name to protect the Trustee’s security interest hereunder.

(e) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, if at any time the Escrow Agent shall receive any “entitlement order” (as such term is defined in Section 8-102(a)(8) of the UCC) or other instructions issued by the Trustee directing the disposition of funds in the Escrow Account or otherwise related to the Escrow Account, the Escrow Agent shall comply with any such entitlement order or other instructions without further consent by the Escrow Issuer or any other person.

(f) The Escrow Agent represents that it is a “securities intermediary” and that the Escrow Account is a “securities account” (as each such term is defined in the UCC).

(g) The Escrow Issuer represents and warrants that it was duly organized and is validly existing as a Delaware limited liability company and is not organized under the laws of any other jurisdiction, and during the term of this Agreement, it will not change its legal name, identity or organizational structure or jurisdiction of organization without giving the Trustee prompt written notice and within thirty (30) days it shall have taken all actions reasonably necessary to maintain the perfection and priority of the security interest granted hereunder, if applicable.

(h) The Escrow Issuer hereby confirms that the arrangements established under this Section 6 constitute “control” (within the meanings of Sections 8-106 and 9-106 of the UCC) by the Trustee of the Escrow Account and the Escrowed Property credited thereto. The Escrow Agent and the Escrow Issuer have not entered and will not enter into any other agreement with respect to control of the Escrow Account or purporting to limit or condition the obligation of the Escrow Agent to comply with any orders or instructions of the Trustee with respect to the Escrow Account as set forth in this Section 6. In the event of any conflict with respect to control over the Escrow Account between this Agreement (or any portion hereof) and any other agreement now existing or hereafter entered into, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.

(i) The Escrow Agent hereby agrees that any security interest in, lien on, encumbrance, claim or right of setoff against, the Escrow Account or any funds therein or credited thereto that it now has or subsequently obtains shall be subordinate to the security interest of the Trustee in the Escrow Account and the funds therein or credited thereto. The Escrow Agent agrees not to exercise any present or future right of recoupment or set-off against the Escrow Account or to assert against the Escrow Account any present or future security interest, banker’s lien or any other lien or claim (including claim for penalties) that the Escrow Agent may at any time have against or in the Escrow Account or any funds therein or credited thereto. The Escrow Agent hereby agrees that it shall not change the name or account number of the Escrow Account without the prior written consent of the Trustee.