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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 11/25/2015
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Section 3.04 Effect of Notice of Redemption.

Once notice of redemption is transmitted in accordance with Section 3.03, Notes called for redemption become irrevocably due and payable on the redemption date at the redemption price; provided that any redemption or notice of any redemption may, at the Issuer’s discretion, be subject to one or more conditions precedent, including, but not limited to, completion of an Equity Offering, other offering, issuance of Indebtedness, or other corporate transaction or event and notice of any redemption in respect thereof may be given prior to the completion thereof and may be partial as a result of only some of the conditions being satisfied; provided, however, that any such conditions precedent shall be set forth in the notice of redemption and that such notice shall state that, in the Issuer’s discretion, the redemption date may be delayed until such time as any or all such conditions shall be satisfied (or waived by the Issuer in its sole discretion), or such redemption may not occur and such notice may be rescinded in the event that any or all such conditions shall not have been satisfied (or waived by the Issuer in its sole discretion) by the redemption date, or by the redemption date so delayed.

Section 3.05 Deposit of Redemption Price.

At or prior to 10:00 a.m., New York City time, on the redemption date, the Issuer shall deposit with the Trustee or with the Paying Agent money sufficient to pay the redemption price of and accrued interest on all Notes to be redeemed on that date. The Trustee or the Paying Agent shall promptly return to the Issuer any money deposited with the Trustee or the Paying Agent by the Issuer in excess of the amounts necessary to pay the redemption price of, and accrued interest on, all Notes to be redeemed.

If the Issuer complies with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, on and after the redemption date, interest shall cease to accrue on the Notes or the portions of Notes called for redemption. If a Note is redeemed on or after an interest record date but on or prior to the related interest payment date, then any accrued and unpaid interest shall be paid to the Person in whose name such Note was registered at the close of business on such record date. If any Note called for redemption shall not be so paid upon surrender for redemption because of the failure of the Issuer to comply with the preceding paragraph, interest shall be paid on the unpaid principal, from the redemption date until such principal is paid, and to the extent lawful on any interest not paid on such unpaid principal, in each case at the rate provided in the Notes and in Section 4.01 of the Base Indenture.

Section 3.06 Notes Redeemed in Part.

No Notes of $2,000 principal amount or less shall be redeemed in part. Upon surrender of a Note that is redeemed in part, the Issuer shall issue and, upon the Issuer’s written request, the Trustee shall authenticate for the Holder at the expense of the Issuer a new Note equal in principal amount to the unredeemed portion of the Note surrendered.

Section 3.07 Optional Redemption.

(a) Except as set forth in Sections 3.07(b), (c) and (d), the Issuer shall not have the option to redeem the Notes pursuant to this Section 3.07 prior to February 15, 2021. Following the Escrow Release Date, the Issuer shall have the option to redeem all or part of the Notes, from and after February 15, 2021, upon not less than 30 nor more than 60 days’ notice, at the redemption prices (expressed as percentages of principal amount of the Notes) set forth below plus accrued and unpaid interest and Special Interest, if any, thereon, to the applicable redemption date, if redeemed during the twelve-month period beginning on February 15 of the years indicated below:










2024 and thereafter