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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 11/25/2015
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(6) other Investments in any Person (other than any Parent) having an aggregate fair market value, when taken together with all other Investments in any Person made by the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries (without duplication) pursuant to this clause (6) from and after the Issue Date, not to exceed the greater of (A) 4.5% of Total Assets and (B) $7.0 billion (initially measured on the date each such Investment was made and without giving effect to subsequent changes in value, but reducing the amount outstanding by the aggregate amount of principal, interest, dividends, distributions, repayments, proceeds or other value otherwise returned or recovered in respect of any such Investment, but not to exceed the initial amount of such Investment) at any one time outstanding;

(7) Investments in customers and suppliers in the ordinary course of business which either (A) generate accounts receivable or (B) are accepted in settlement of bona fide disputes;

(8) Investments of a Restricted Subsidiary acquired after the Issue Date or of an entity merged into the Company or merged into or consolidated with a Restricted Subsidiary after the Issue Date to the extent that such Investments were not made in contemplation of or in connection with such acquisition, merger or consolidation and were in existence on the date of such acquisition, merger or consolidation;

(9) any Investment (other than an Investment in a Restricted Subsidiary) existing or pursuant to agreements or arrangements in effect, on the Issue Date and any modification, replacement, renewal or extension thereof; provided that the amount of any such Investment may be increased (x) as required by the terms of such Investment as in existence on the Issue Date or (y) as otherwise permitted under this Supplemental Indenture;

(10) Investments received as a result of a bankruptcy, workout, reorganization or recapitalization of customers or suppliers;

(11) as a result of a foreclosure by the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary with respect to any secured Investment or other transfer of title with respect to any secured Investment in default;

(12) any Investment represented by Hedging Obligations not entered into for speculative purposes;

(13) loans and advances to officers, directors and employees for business-related travel expenses, moving expenses and other expenses, in each case incurred in the ordinary course of business or to finance the purchase of Equity Interests of the Company or any Parent and in an amount not to exceed $25.0 million at any one time outstanding;

(14) Investments the payment for which consists of Equity Interests of the Company or any Parent (exclusive of Disqualified Stock of the Company);

(15) Guarantees of Indebtedness permitted by Section 4.10;

(16) Investments consisting of purchases and acquisitions of inventory, supplies, material or equipment or the licensing or contribution of intellectual property pursuant to joint marketing arrangements with other Persons, in each case in the ordinary course of business;