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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 11/25/2015
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(15) Liens arising from the rendering of a final judgment or order against the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries that does not give rise to an Event of Default;

(16) Liens securing reimbursement obligations with respect to letters of credit that encumber documents and other property relating to such letters of credit and the products and proceeds thereof;

(17) Liens encumbering customary initial deposits and margin deposits, and other Liens, in each case, securing Indebtedness under Hedging Obligations and forward contracts, options, future contracts, future options or similar agreements or arrangements designed solely to protect the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries from fluctuations in interest rates, currencies or the price of commodities;

(18) Liens consisting of any interest or title of licensor in the property subject to a license;

(19) Liens on the Capital Stock of Unrestricted Subsidiaries;

(20) Liens arising from sales or other transfers of accounts receivable which are past due or otherwise doubtful of collection in the ordinary course of business;

(21) Liens incurred with respect to obligations which in the aggregate do not exceed the greater of (i) $300 million or (ii) 1.0% of Consolidated Net Tangible Assets at any one time outstanding;

(22) Liens in favor of the Trustee arising under the provisions of Section 7.07 of this Supplemental Indenture and similar provisions in favor of trustees or other agents or representatives under indentures or other agreements governing debt instruments entered into after the date hereof;

(23) Liens in favor of the Trustee for its benefit and the benefit of Holders as their respective interests appear; and

(24) Liens securing Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness, to the extent that the Indebtedness being refinanced was secured or was permitted to be secured by such Liens.

Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness” means any Indebtedness of the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries issued in exchange for, or the net proceeds of which are used within 60 days after the date of issuance thereof, to extend, refinance, renew, replace, defease or refund, other Indebtedness of the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries (other than intercompany Indebtedness); provided that, unless otherwise permitted by this Supplemental Indenture, no Indebtedness of any Restricted Subsidiary (other than, for the avoidance of doubt, a corporate co-issuer whose primary purpose is to act as a co-issuer and any