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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 11/25/2015
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(b) any securities, notes or other obligations received by the Company or any such Restricted Subsidiary from such transferee that are converted by the recipient thereof into cash, Cash Equivalents or readily marketable securities within 180 days after receipt thereof (to the extent of the cash, Cash Equivalents or readily marketable securities received in that conversion);

(c) Productive Assets; and

(d) any Designated Noncash Consideration received by the Issuers or any Restricted Subsidiary in such Asset Sale having an aggregate fair market value, taken together with all other Designated Noncash Consideration received pursuant to this clause (d) that is at that time outstanding, not to exceed the greater of (i) $4.5 billion and (ii) 3.0% of Total Assets, with the fair market value of each item of Designated Noncash Consideration being measured at the time received and without giving effect to subsequent changes in value.

Within 365 days after the receipt of any Net Proceeds from an Asset Sale, the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary thereof may apply such Net Proceeds at its option:

(1) to repay or otherwise retire debt under the Credit Facilities or any other Indebtedness of the Restricted Subsidiaries of the Company (other than Indebtedness represented solely by a guarantee of a Restricted Subsidiary of the Company); or

(2) to invest in Productive Assets; provided that any such amount of Net Proceeds which the Company or a Restricted Subsidiary thereof has committed to invest in Productive Assets within 365 days of the applicable Asset Sale may be invested in Productive Assets within two years of such Asset Sale.

The amount of any Net Proceeds received from Asset Sales that are not applied or invested as provided in the preceding paragraph shall constitute “Excess Proceeds.” When the aggregate amount of Excess Proceeds exceeds $250 million, the Company shall make an Asset Sale Offer to all Holders and all holders of other Indebtedness that is of equal priority with the Notes containing provisions requiring offers to purchase or redeem with the proceeds of sales of assets to purchase the maximum principal amount of Notes and such other Indebtedness of equal priority that may be purchased out of the Excess Proceeds, which amount includes the entire amount of the Net Proceeds. The offer price in any Asset Sale Offer shall be payable in cash and equal to 100.0% of the principal amount of the subject Notes plus accrued and unpaid interest and Special Interest, if any, to the date of purchase. If the aggregate principal amount of Notes and such other Indebtedness of equal priority tendered into such Asset Sale Offer exceeds the amount of Excess Proceeds, the Trustee shall select the Notes (on as nearly a pro rata basis as possible among the Notes subject to DTC procedures) and such other Indebtedness of equal priority to be purchased on a pro rata basis.

If any Excess Proceeds remain after consummation of an Asset Sale Offer, then the Company or any Restricted Subsidiary thereof may use such remaining Excess Proceeds for any purpose not otherwise prohibited by this Supplemental Indenture. Upon completion of any Asset Sale Offer, the amount of Excess Proceeds shall be reset at zero.