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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 11/25/2015
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Section 10.03 Successors and Assigns.

This Article 10 shall be binding upon each Guarantor and its successors and assigns and shall inure to the benefit of the successors and assigns of the Trustee and Holders and, in the event of any transfer or assignment of rights by any Holder or the Trustee, the rights and privileges conferred upon that party in this Indenture and in the Notes shall automatically extend to and be vested in such transferee or assignee, all subject to the terms and conditions of this Indenture.

Section 10.04 No Waiver.

Neither a failure nor a delay on the part of either the Trustee or Holders in exercising any right, power or privilege under this Article 10 shall operate as a waiver thereof, nor shall a single or partial exercise thereof preclude any other or further exercise of any right, power or privilege. The rights, remedies and benefits of the Trustee and Holders herein expressly specified are cumulative and not exclusive of any other rights, remedies or benefits which either may have under this Article 10 at law, in equity, by statute or otherwise.

Section 10.05 Modification.

No modification, amendment or waiver of any provision of this Article 10, nor the consent to any departure by any Guarantor therefrom, shall in any event be effective unless the same shall be in writing and signed by the Trustee, and then such waiver or consent shall be effective only in the specific instance and for the purpose for which given. No notice to or demand on any Guarantor in any case shall entitle any Guarantor to any other or further notice or demand in the same, similar or other circumstances.

Section 10.06 Execution of Supplemental Indenture for Future Guarantors.

Each Subsidiary and other Person which is required to become a Guarantor of any series of Notes pursuant to the terms of this Indenture (as supplemented by the supplemental indenture with respect to such Notes) shall promptly execute and deliver to the Trustee a supplemental indenture in the form of Exhibit E hereto pursuant to which such Subsidiary or other Person shall become a Guarantor under this Article 10 and shall guarantee the Notes. Concurrently with the execution and delivery of such supplemental indenture, the Issuers shall deliver to the Trustee an Opinion of Counsel and an Officers’ Certificate to the effect that such supplemental indenture has been duly authorized, executed and delivered by such Subsidiary or other Person and that, subject to the application of bankruptcy, insolvency, moratorium, fraudulent conveyance or transfer and other similar laws relating to creditors’ rights generally and to the principles of equity, whether considered in a proceeding at law or in equity, the Guarantee of such Guarantor is a valid and binding obligation of such guarantor, enforceable against such Guarantor in accordance with its terms and/or to such other matters as the Trustee may reasonably request.

Section 10.07 Non-Impairment.

The failure to endorse a Guarantee on any Note shall not affect or impair the validity thereof.