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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 11/25/2015
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(20) without duplication of amounts that otherwise increased the amount available under one or more of the foregoing categories of Permitted Investments, investments made from the proceeds from any dividend or distribution by an Unrestricted Subsidiary to the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries.

Person” means any individual, corporation, partnership, joint venture, association, limited liability company, joint stock company, trust, unincorporated organization, government or agency or political subdivision thereof or any other entity.

Preferred Stock,” as applied to the Capital Stock of any Person, means Capital Stock of any class or classes (however designated) which, by its terms, is preferred as to the payment of dividends, or as to the distribution of assets upon any voluntary or involuntary liquidation or dissolution of such Person, over shares of Capital Stock of any other class of such Person.

Private Placement Legend” means the legend set forth in Section 2.06(g)(i)(A) to be placed on all Notes issued under this Indenture except where otherwise permitted by the provisions of this Indenture.

QIB” means a “qualified institutional buyer” as defined in Rule 144A.

Register” means a register in which, subject to such reasonable regulations as it may prescribe, the Issuers shall provide for the registration of the Notes and of transfers and exchanges of such Notes which the Issuers shall cause to be kept at the appropriate office of the Registrar in accordance with Section 2.03.

Registration Rights Agreement” means any registration rights agreement among the Applicable Issuers and the initial purchasers named therein with respect to any Notes.

Regulation S” means Regulation S promulgated under the Securities Act.

Regulation S Global Note” means a global note substantially in the form of Exhibit A hereto bearing the Global Note Legend, the Private Placement Legend and the Regulation S Legend deposited with or on behalf of, and registered in the name of, the Depositary or its nominee that will be issued in an initial denomination equal to the outstanding principal amount of any Notes initially sold in reliance on Rule 903 of Regulation S.

Regulation S Legend” means the legend set forth in Section 2.06(g)(iii) which is required to be placed on all Regulation S Global Notes issued under this Indenture.

Responsible Officer” when used with respect to the Trustee, means any officer within the Corporate Trust Administration of the Trustee (or any successor group of the Trustee) who customarily performs functions similar to those performed by the Persons who at the time shall be such officer and with direct responsibility for the administration of this Indenture and also means, with respect to a particular corporate trust matter, any other officer to whom such matter is referred because of his knowledge of and familiarity with the particular subject.

Restricted Definitive Note” means a Definitive Note bearing the Private Placement Legend.