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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 8-K on 11/25/2015
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Corporate Trust Office of the Trustee” shall be at the address of the Trustee specified in Section 12.02 or such other address as to which the Trustee may designate from time to time by notice to the Holders and the Company, or the principal corporate trust office of any successor Trustee.

Default” means any event that is, or with the passage of time or the giving of notice or both would be, an Event of Default; provided that any Default that results solely from the taking of an action that would have been permitted but for the continuation of a previous Default will be deemed to be cured if such previous Default is cured prior to becoming an Event of Default.

Definitive Note” means a certificated Note registered in the name of the Holder thereof and issued in accordance with Section 2.06, substantially in the form of Exhibit A hereto except that such Note shall not bear the Global Note Legend and shall not have the “Schedule of Exchanges of Interests in the Global Note” attached thereto.

Depositary” means, with respect to the Securities of any series, the Person specified in Section 2.03 as the Depositary with respect to the Notes, and any and all successors thereto appointed as depositary hereunder and having become such pursuant to the applicable provision of this Indenture.

Designated Parent Companies” means CCI, CCH II, CCH I, New Charter, CCH and CCHC.

Disqualified Stock” means any Capital Stock that, by its terms (or by the terms of any security into which it is convertible, or for which it is exchangeable, in each case at the option of the holder thereof) or upon the happening of any event, matures or is mandatorily redeemable, pursuant to a sinking fund obligation or otherwise, or redeemable at the option of the holder thereof, in whole or in part, on or prior to the date that is 91 days after the earlier of the date on which the Notes mature or the date on which the Notes are no longer outstanding. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, any Capital Stock that would constitute Disqualified Stock solely because the holders thereof have the right to require the Company to repurchase such Capital Stock upon the occurrence of a change of control or an asset sale shall not constitute Disqualified Stock if the terms of such Capital Stock provide that the Company may not repurchase or redeem any such Capital Stock pursuant to such provisions unless such repurchase or redemption complies with the Indenture.

Equity Interests” means Capital Stock and all warrants, options or other rights to acquire Capital Stock (but excluding any debt security that is convertible into, or exchangeable for, Capital Stock).

Euroclear” means Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York, Brussels office, as operator of the Euroclear system.

Exchange Act” means the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.

Exchange Notes” means any notes issued in exchange for Notes of a series pursuant to a Registration Rights Agreement or similar agreement.