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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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The merger agreement requires TWC to pay Charter a termination fee of $2,000,000,000 if:


    Charter terminates the merger agreement as a result of the TWC board of directors making an adverse recommendation change or failing to reaffirm its recommendation to TWC stockholders in favor of adopting the merger agreement as promptly as practicable (but within 10 business days) after receipt of a written request to do so from Charter following the public announcement of a TWC acquisition proposal (as further described above);


    Charter terminates the merger agreement as a result of an intentional and material breach by TWC of (i) any of its obligations described under “The Merger Agreement—No Solicitation by TWC,” which breach was authorized or permitted by TWC and results in a third party making a TWC acquisition proposal that is reasonably likely to materially interfere with or delay completion of the mergers, or (ii) its obligations to call and hold a meeting of its stockholders for purposes of adopting the merger agreement (as further described above); or


    (i) Charter terminates the merger agreement as a result of the failure of the TWC stockholders to adopt the merger agreement upon a vote taken on such proposal at a TWC stockholders’ meeting called for that purpose or as a result of a breach by TWC of its representations or warranties or TWC’s failure to perform any covenant or agreement that would result in the failure of TWC to satisfy the applicable condition to the closing related to accuracy of representations and warranties or performance of covenants, (ii) prior to such termination (but after the date of the merger agreement) a TWC acquisition proposal has become publicly known and (iii) within 12 months following such termination, TWC enters into a definitive agreement to consummate such TWC acquisition proposal or such TWC acquisition proposal is consummated. For purposes of this paragraph, TWC acquisition proposal has the meaning set forth under “The Merger Agreement—No Solicitation by TWC,” except that references in that definition to “25%” will be deemed to be references to “50%.”

Any termination fee payable by Charter or TWC will only be payable once and not in duplication even though a termination fee may be payable under one or more provisions of the merger agreement. The payment of a termination fee by TWC or Charter pursuant to the merger agreement will be the sole and exclusive remedy of the party receiving the payment for any liabilities, losses or damages arising out of, resulting from or incurred in connection with the merger agreement.

Specific Performance; Remedies (See Page [])

The parties to the merger agreement are entitled to an injunction or injunctions to prevent breaches of the merger agreement and to enforce specifically the terms and provisions of the merger agreement. This entitlement is in addition to any other remedy to which the parties are entitled at law or in equity.

Material U.S. Federal Income Tax Consequences of the Mergers (See Page [])

TWC and Charter intend for the payment of cash to a holder of shares of TWC common stock in the first merger to be treated as a distribution in partial redemption of such shares subject to the provisions of Section 302(a) of the Code, though this treatment is not free from doubt. In such case, a U.S. holder of shares of TWC common stock will generally recognize gain or loss equal to the difference between the amount of cash received in the first merger (including any cash received in lieu of fractional shares of TWC common stock) and the adjusted tax basis of the shares treated as exchanged for cash. However, U.S. holders who actually or constructively own New Charter Class A common stock other than New Charter Class A common stock received pursuant to the second merger may be treated as having received a dividend instead having sold or exchanged a portion of their shares of TWC common stock. The cash that a non-U.S. holder of shares of TWC common stock receives generally will be subject to withholding of U.S. federal income tax at a rate of 30%, subject to reduction, exemption, or the availability of a refund if specific requirements are met. However, alternative characterizations are possible.