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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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previously become exercisable, exceed one percent (1%) of the total number of shares of Company Common Stock outstanding on a Fully Exchanged Basis and fully diluted basis (all Other Issuances as to which no Preemptive Share Purchase has yet been exercised, the “Other Issuance Basket”), (x) the tenth (10th) trading day prior to the record date for any meeting of stockholders of the Company, (y) the six-month anniversary of each record date for the Company’s annual meeting of stockholders and (z) any other date specified by the Unaffiliated Directors (each such date, an “Other Issuance Notice Date”). The Other Issuance Notice shall set forth:

(i) the number and description of New Securities issued in the Other Issuances subject to such Other Issuance Notice (not including any New Securities to be issued pursuant to the exercise of the Liberty Future Preemptive Right or the A/N Future Preemptive Right); and

(ii) the anticipated Exercise Price.

(e) The Liberty Future Preemptive Rights and the A/N Future Preemptive Rights in connection with any Other Issuance shall be exercisable by delivery of written notice by Liberty or A/N, as applicable, to the Company no later than five (5) Business Days following the date the applicable Other Issuance Notice is sent, specifying the number of New Securities to be purchased by Liberty or A/N, as applicable; provided, that in no event shall Liberty be permitted to purchase more than the Liberty Portion or shall A/N be permitted to purchase more than the A/N Portion. The closing of any such purchase by an Investor Party shall be consummated five (5) Business Days following the delivery of such written notice to the Company, subject only to the satisfaction or waiver by such Investor Party of the conditions set forth in Section 5.4(b).

(f) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, (i) for so long as the A/N Proxy is in effect, A/N may not exercise the A/N Future Preemptive Right to the extent that such exercise would cause Liberty’s Equity Interest to fall below 17.01%; and (ii) following termination or expiration of the A/N Proxy, A/N may not exercise the A/N Future Preemptive Right to the extent that such exercise would cause Liberty’s Voting Interest to fall below 25.01%; provided, however, that the restrictions in clause (i) and (ii) on the exercise of the A/N Future Preemptive Right shall not limit A/N’s ability to keep its Equity Interest above the highest Ownership Threshold in Section 3.2 that A/N exceeded immediately prior to the applicable issuance of New Securities.

Section 5.3 Section 16b-3. So long as an Investor Party has the right to designate an Investor Director, the Board shall take such action as is necessary to cause the exemption of the Liberty Stock Issuance and the Preemptive Share Purchase by such Investor Party, as applicable, from the liability provisions of Section 16(b) of the Exchange Act (“Section 16(b)”) pursuant to Rule 16b-3 (each, a “Section 16 Exemption”); provided that Liberty or A/N, as applicable, shall disgorge to the Company any profit from an otherwise non-exempt “sale” (for purposes of Section 16(b)) within six (6) months of the date of the Liberty Stock Issuance or any Preemptive Share Purchase, other than actual or deemed “sales” as a result of (i) the entry into an Equity Linked Financing or other derivative transaction (such as forwards, collars, and exchangeable debentures, notes or similar securities) permitted hereby, (ii) an extraordinary transaction approved by the Company’s stockholders or which results by operation of law (such as a merger, consolidation, reclassification or recapitalization), or (iii) tendering or exchanging in a tender or exchange offer that is not opposed by the Board and approved as a Company Change of Control pursuant to Section 3.3(a)(ii)(A), provided that such exemption shall not cover any actual sale of shares (in the case of clause (i)) or any transaction intended to hedge the market risk in connection with such Investor Party’s preemptive rights (in the case of each of clauses (i), (ii) or (iii)).

Section 5.4 Matters as to Preemptive Rights.

(a) Upon (x) the date hereof and the date of the closing of the Liberty Stock Issuance, with respect to the Initial Tranche Purchase and (y) the date of any Capital Raise Issuance Notice, M&A Issuance Notice or Other Issuance Notice, as applicable, and the date of the applicable Preemptive Share Purchase by an Investor Party, as applicable, the Company shall be deemed to represent and warrant to the Purchasing Investor Party, as