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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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Section 617 of the Communications Act) (solely with respect to the obligations of Charter, New Charter and Charter Holdings, without the imposition of a BHN contribution burdensome condition) shall not be less than 80% of the video customers then served by the BHN systems used in the BHN business; and if less than 100% of such number of video customers, all applicable waiting periods (including extensions) shall have expired with respect to the FCC Forms 394 filed in connection with requests for approvals by local franchising authorities that have not been obtained;


    obtaining authorizations from state communications authorities as required for Charter to provide voice and other regulated services in the BHN systems used in the BHN business following the closing (solely with respect to the obligations of Charter, New Charter and Charter Holdings, without the imposition of a BHN contribution burdensome condition), all of which must remain in full force and effect;


    the absence of any statute, rule, regulation, executive order, decree, judgment, injunction or other order (whether temporary, preliminary or permanent) in effect that makes unlawful, prohibits, delays, enjoins or otherwise prevents or restricts, the consummation of the BHN transactions, or any pending action that seeks any of the foregoing;


    approval of the BHN transactions stock issuance proposal, the Liberty transactions proposal (as it relates to the BHN/Liberty stockholders agreement and the stock issuance to Liberty Broadband in connection with the BHN transactions) and each of the certificate of incorporation proposals;


    the BHN/Liberty stockholders agreement being valid, binding and enforceable and in full force and effect;


    the absence of a material adverse effect on the other party (see “The BHN Contribution Agreement—Definition of ‘Material Adverse Effect,’” beginning on page [●] of this joint proxy statement/prospectus for the definition of material adverse effect); and


    certain other customary conditions with respect to the accuracy of representations and warranties, performance of covenants and agreements, receipt of certifications with respect to the satisfaction of certain conditions, and delivery of certain other specified certificates, instruments of assignment and transaction documents.

As more fully described in the BHN contribution agreement, the obligation of Charter, New Charter and Charter Holdings to complete the BHN transactions is also subject to the completion by A/N of a restructuring, pursuant to which BHN will transfer to A/N certain excluded assets and A/N shall assume from BHN certain excluded liabilities.

The BHN Transactions May Not Be Completed Without All Required Regulatory Approvals (See Page [])

Completion of the BHN transactions is conditioned upon the receipt of certain governmental clearances or approvals, including, but not limited to, the expiration or termination of the waiting period relating to the BHN transactions under the HSR Act, approval of the FCC and certain other governmental consents and approvals from state regulators and franchise authorities.

Under the HSR Act, certain transactions, including the BHN transactions, may not be completed unless certain waiting period requirements have expired or been terminated. The HSR Act provides that each party must file a pre-transaction notification with the FTC and the DOJ. A transaction notifiable under the HSR Act may not be completed until the expiration of a 30-calendar-day waiting period following the parties’ filings of their respective HSR Act notification forms or the termination of that waiting period. If the DOJ issues a Request for