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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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The Managing Member may, at its discretion, make proportionate non-tax distributions from Charter Holdco in redemption of Charter’s and A/N’s units at the market price of actual buybacks if A/N is at the Acquisition Cap.

Tax Matters Agreement

Subject to the discussion above, the partners will enter into a Tax Receivables Agreement which will apply to a sale or exchange of partnership units and that will provide for a payment by Charter of 50% of the tax benefit that will be realized by Charter from the step-up in basis (subject to the remainder of this provision, under Section 743(b) or Section 734(b)) from the purchase (as determined in accordance with the baseline case described above (subject to the
equitable sharing of any benefits to the parties over and above the baseline case, taking into account any detriments suffered relative to the baseline case, in the event the parties agree on an alternative methodology, as provided above) and calculated on a with and without basis, if as and when realized (i.e. the benefit of tax attributes (including NOLs and existing tax basis) is used on first in first out basis)). Additionally, A/N and Charter will enter into a tax matters agreement relating to the tax treatment of the transactions. To the extent not covered by the Charter Holdco tax distributions above, the tax matters agreement also will provide that any business combination transaction entered into within five years of the Closing Date involving Charter, Charter Holdco or their subsidiaries or assets that is not tax free shall be structured so that the consideration paid to A/N comprises 40% or more cash.

Exchangeable Preferred Units

The exchangeable preferred units will have the terms set out on Exhibit [A]

Exchange and Conversion

Any exchange of Charter Holdco common units will be effected by a put for cash at the 2-trading day VWAP; provided that common stock of Charter may be delivered in lieu thereof; provided further that in connection with a business combination transaction or other transaction not initiated by A/N, in each case requiring an exchange of Charter Holdco common units, the consideration shall be Charter common stock. Any such exchange will also require a conversion of a proportionate amount of Class B shares into common stock.


Charter Holdco common units shall not be transferable (but Charter common stock received in exchange for Charter Holdco common units may be transferred in accordance with the Shareholders’ Agreement). Upon any transfer of exchangeable preferred units of Charter Holdco to persons other than A/N Persons, such exchangeable preferred units shall become exchangeable with Charter for shares of Charter common stock in lieu of common units of Charter Holdco.

Holdco Governance

The common and preferred units of Charter Holdco will not be entitled to any governance or consent rights at Charter Holdco (other than consent rights over changes to the terms of the preferred units).