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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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The Managing Member, at its discretion, may engage in equity buybacks using Charter Holdco distributions.


To maintain parity, the Managing Member may, at its discretion, treat some or all of any pro rata tax distributions to A/N and Charter as redemptions of their respective units in Charter Holdco at the market price of actual buybacks.

Tax distributions will not be paid on the guaranteed payment or allocation of gross income with respect to the preferred interest as long as preferred distributions are paid in cash each year. Any tax distributions in respect of the preferred interest will reduce future payments of preferred distributions.

Other Tax-Related Matters

The parties will construct a baseline case pursuant to which :


With respect to the forward Section 704(c) layer created upon contribution of the A/N assets and the Charter assets to Charter Holdco, Charter Holdco adopts the traditional method for both the Charter and A/N contributed assets and allocates its depreciation and amortization accordingly.


Under the Tax Receivable Agreement, Charter will pay to A/N 50% of the tax benefit that Charter receives from the actual Section 743(b) adjustment obtained from an acquisition of A/N’s interest in Charter Holdco based on the use of the traditional method for the forward Section 704(c) layer.


The parties agree to discuss the use of alternative methods under Section 704(c) in good faith. The baseline Section 704(c) methodology will be the Section 704(c) methodology unless the parties subsequently agree to another Section 704(c) methodology that results in an overall reduction to the NPV of the partners’ aggregate tax liabilities, taking into account the effect of such methodology on the partners’ allocations of operating income and depreciation and amortization deductions, the amount of step-up recognized as a result of the back end transaction, and any other relevant items agreed upon by the parties (taking into account the effects under the Tax Receivable Agreement). If the parties agree on an alternative methodology, then the benefits to the parties over and above the baseline case will be shared equitably between the parties, taking into account any detriments suffered relative to the baseline.


The Managing Member may cause Charter Holdco to distribute to Charter the stock of corporate subsidiaries of Charter Holdco in redemption of LLC units held by Charter provided that Charter immediately re-contributes all of the assets and liabilities of such subsidiaries to Charter Holdco in consideration of the issuance of an equivalent number of LLC units.


Allocations of the preferred return in respect of the preferred units will take the form of a guaranteed payment or an allocation of gross income items.

Principles for Non-tax Distributions

The Managing Member, at its discretion, may engage in equity buybacks using non-tax Charter Holdco distributions.


The Managing Member may, at its discretion, make disproportionate non-tax distributions from Charter Holdco in redemption of Charter’s units at the market price of actual buybacks to the extent that A/N is below its Acquisition Cap (and up to an amount that would increase A/N’s interest to such Acquisition Cap).