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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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the Communications Act) (solely with respect to the obligations of the Cheetah Parties, without the imposition of any Burdensome Condition), shall be no less than 80% of the Video Customers then served by the Bengal Systems; and if less than 100% of such number of Video Customers, all applicable waiting periods (including extensions) shall have expired with respect to the FCC Forms 394 filed in connection with requests for the LFA Approvals that have not been obtained;

(c) FCC. The FCC shall have consented to the transfer to Cheetah of all FCC Licenses included among the Bengal Governmental Authorizations (solely with respect to the obligations of the Cheetah Parties, without the imposition of any Burdensome Condition);

(d) State Communication Authorizations. The Required State Communications Authorizations shall have been obtained (solely with respect to the obligations of the Cheetah Parties, without the imposition of any Burdensome Condition), all of which shall remain in full force and effect (collectively with the conditions in Sections 6.1(a), 6.1(b), and 6.1(c), the “Regulatory Conditions”);

(e) No Prohibition. No Government Entity or federal or state court of competent jurisdiction shall have enacted, issued, promulgated, enforced or entered any statute, rule, regulation, executive order, decree, judgment, injunction or other order (whether temporary, preliminary or permanent), in any case which is in effect and which makes unlawful, prohibits, delays, enjoins or otherwise prevents or restrains the completion of the transactions contemplated hereby and no Action seeking any of the foregoing shall be pending;

(f) Right of First Offer. The thirty (30) Business Day period set forth in Section 8.3(c) of the TWEAN Agreement shall have elapsed without TWCE accepting the offer set forth in the Offer Notice in accordance with the TWEAN Agreement (or, if TWCE has made a Counter-Offer during such time period in accordance with the TWEAN Agreement, the consideration to be delivered pursuant to this Agreement equals or exceeds the Required Minimum Price with respect to such Counter-Offer or Cheetah has delivered a Matching Offer to A/N);

(g) Comcast Agreement. The transactions contemplated by the Comcast Agreement (or any Long-Form Agreement (as defined therein) entered pursuant thereto), the Separation Agreement, the Spinco Merger Agreement, the Asset Exchange Agreement and the Asset Purchase Agreement shall have been consummated, in each case in all material respects in accordance with the terms of such agreement as disclosed in the definitive proxy statement on Schedule 14A of Cheetah dated February 17, 2015 and filed with the SEC on such date;

(h) Cheetah Stockholder Approvals. The Cheetah Stockholder Approvals shall have been obtained in accordance with Delaware Law; and

(i) Stockholders Agreement. The Stockholders Agreement shall be valid, binding and enforceable and in full force and effect.

Section 6.2 Conditions to the Obligations of the Cheetah Parties. The obligations of the Cheetah Parties to effect the Closing is subject to the satisfaction (or waiver by Cheetah) prior to the Closing of the following conditions:

(a) Representations and Warranties. Each of the representations and warranties of A/N contained in this Agreement (other than (x) the Bengal Fundamental Representations and (y) clause (b) of Section 3.7) shall have been true and correct in all respects as of the date of this Agreement and shall be true and correct in all respects as of and as though made on the Closing Date (except for any such representation and warranty that is expressly made as of a specified earlier date, which shall be true and correct in all respects as of such specified earlier date) in each case without giving effect to any “Bengal Material Adverse Effect”, “material” or other materiality qualification, limitation or exception contained therein other than any failures to be so true and correct that, individually or in the aggregate, have not had and would not reasonably be expected to have a Bengal Material Adverse Effect. Each Bengal Fundamental Representation shall have been true and correct in all material