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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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Section 5.7 Employees.

(a) Transfer of Employment. As of no later than immediately prior to the Closing, A/N, Bengal and their respective Affiliates shall take such actions as are reasonably necessary to ensure that the Employees who provide services primarily with respect to the Bengal Business (each, a “Bengal Business Employee”) are employed by Bengal or one of its Subsidiaries, including any such employee who, on the Closing Date, is on leave of any kind. Section 5.7(a) of the A/N Disclosure Schedule sets forth a correct and complete list, as of the date hereof, of each Bengal Business Employee and each such Bengal Business Employee’s title, location of employment, date of hire, base salary or hourly wage rate, incentives and/or commissions paid in respect of 2014 and accrued vacation or other paid time off, which list is subject to update for new hires (to the extent permitted by the terms of this Agreement) from time to time from the date hereof to the Closing Date. The Bengal Business Employees who continue employment with Cheetah, Bengal or any of their respective Affiliates from and following the Closing Date are hereinafter referred to as the “Continuing Employees.” With respect to any Continuing Employees who hold work visas, A/N and Cheetah shall cooperate to provide for the transfer of the sponsorship of such visas to Cheetah effective as of the Closing Date.

(b) Terms of Compensation and Benefits Following the Closing. Following the Closing,

(i) until the first anniversary thereof, Cheetah shall provide, or shall cause to be provided to each Continuing Employee (1) base salary or base wage and annual bonus opportunities, which are no less favorable in the aggregate than those provided immediately prior to the Closing to each such Continuing Employee, (2) commission opportunities that are no less favorable than either those provided immediately prior to the Closing to each such Continuing Employee or those provided to similarly situated employees of Cheetah and its Affiliates and (3) employee benefits (other than severance) that are no less favorable in the aggregate than those provided to each such Continuing Employee immediately prior to the Closing; provided that, for purposes of determining whether such pay, opportunities and benefits are no less favorable in the aggregate, Cash Long-Term Awards, equity compensation, defined benefit pension plan benefits, retention, sale, stay, or change in control payments or awards or any similar compensation or benefit shall not be taken into account; provided further, that, for purposes of the Advance/Newhouse Partnership Health Benefits Plan, Advance/Newhouse Partnership Life Insurance Plan and Advance/Newhouse Partnership Disability Plan (each of which will be transferred to Bengal or its Subsidiaries on or prior to, and assumed by Cheetah or its Affiliates (including Bengal or its Subsidiaries) as of, the Closing), the Continuing Employees shall be permitted to continue in such Bengal Benefit Plans until the end of the applicable plan year during which the Closing occurs;

(ii) the service of each Continuing Employee with Bengal or any of its Subsidiaries (or any predecessor employer) prior to the Closing shall be treated as service with Cheetah and its Subsidiaries for purposes of eligibility to participate and vesting under each employee benefit plan, agreement, program, policy and arrangement of Cheetah or its Affiliates (the “Cheetah Plans”) (including vacation, paid time-off and severance plans) in which such Continuing Employee is eligible to participate and participates in after the Closing; provided that such recognition of service shall not (A) apply for purposes of any defined benefit retirement plan or plan that provides retiree Welfare Benefits, (B) operate to duplicate any benefits of a Continuing Employee with respect to the same period of service or (C) apply for purposes of any plan, program or arrangement (x) under which similarly situated employees of Cheetah and its Subsidiaries do not receive credit for prior service or (y) that is grandfathered or frozen, either with respect to level of benefits or participation; and

(iii) for purposes of each Cheetah Plan in which any Continuing Employee or his or her eligible dependents is eligible to participate and participates in after the Closing, to the extent commercially reasonable and permitted by applicable Law, Cheetah shall cause Bengal and its Subsidiaries to (A) waive any pre-existing condition, exclusion, or waiting period to the extent such condition, exclusion, or waiting period was satisfied or waived under the comparable Bengal Benefit Plan as of