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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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(iv) adequate accruals and reserves (as determined in accordance with GAAP) have been established for Taxes attributable to taxable periods (or portions thereof) from the Parent Balance Sheet Date;

(v) there is no action, suit, investigation, proceeding or audit pending or, to Parent’s knowledge, threatened against or with respect to Parent or any of its Subsidiaries in respect of any material Tax; and

(vi) there are no Liens for material Taxes on any of the assets of Parent or any of its Subsidiaries other than Liens for Taxes not yet due or being contested in good faith (and, in either case, which have been disclosed on Section 5.14(a)(vi) of the Parent Disclosure Schedule) or for which adequate accruals or reserves have been established on the Parent Balance Sheet.

(b) The income and franchise Tax Returns of Parent and its Subsidiaries through the Tax year ended 2010 have been examined and the examinations have been closed or are Tax Returns with respect to which the applicable period for assessment, after giving effect to extensions or waivers, has expired. The federal Tax Returns have been examined and the applicable federal statute of limitations (including extensions) have expired for Tax years through 2005.

(c) During the two-year period ending on the date hereof, none of the Subsidiaries of Parent was a distributing corporation or a controlled corporation in a transaction intended to be governed by Section 355 of the Code.

(d) (i) Neither Parent nor any of its Subsidiaries is, or has been, a party to any Tax Sharing Agreement (other than an agreement exclusively between or among Parent and its Subsidiaries) pursuant to which it will have any obligation to make any payments for Taxes after the Effective Time and (ii) neither Parent nor any of its Subsidiaries has been a member of an affiliated group filing a consolidated federal income Tax Return (other than a group the common parent of which was Parent).

(e) Neither Parent nor any of its Subsidiaries has participated in a “reportable transaction” within the meaning of Treasury Regulations Section 1.6011-4(b)(1).

(f) No jurisdiction in which Parent or any of its Subsidiaries does not file Tax Returns has asserted that Parent or any of its Subsidiaries is or may be liable for Tax in that jurisdiction.

(g) Merger Subsidiary Two is and has been since its formation treated as a disregarded entity for both state and federal income Tax purposes, and none of Parent nor any of its Subsidiaries, including Merger Subsidiary Two has filed any affirmative election to the contrary, including pursuant to Treasury Regulations Section 301.7701-3.

Section 5.15 Employees and Employee Benefit Plans.

(a) Section 5.15(a) of the Parent Disclosure Schedule contains a correct and complete list identifying each material “employee benefit plan,” as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA, each material employment contract, material severance contract or plan and each other material plan or agreement providing for compensation, bonuses, profit-sharing, equity compensation or other forms of incentive or deferred compensation, insurance (including any self-insured arrangements), health or medical benefits, post-employment or retirement benefits (including compensation, pension, health, medical or life insurance benefits) which is maintained, administered or contributed to by Parent or any ERISA Affiliate and covers any current or former employee, director or other independent contractor of Parent or any of its Subsidiaries, or with respect to which Parent or any of its Subsidiaries has any liability, other than a Multiemployer Plan. Copies of such plans (and, if applicable, related trust or funding agreements or insurance policies) and all amendments thereto and written interpretations thereof have been furnished to the Company together with the most recent annual report (Form