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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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Section 2.03 Surrender and Payment.

(a) The following procedures shall apply to Elections made pursuant to Section 2.02(a)(i):

(i) Parent shall prepare a form reasonably acceptable to the Company (the “Election Form”), which shall be mailed by the Company to record holders of Company Stock and holders of Vested Company Stock Options and Director RSUs (as such terms are defined in Section 2.04) so as to permit those holders to exercise their right to make an Election prior to the Election Deadline and which shall specify, among other things, the Election Deadline and the consequences of failing to meet the Election Deadline.

(ii) Prior to the Mailing Date, Parent shall appoint an agent reasonably acceptable to the Company (the “Exchange Agent”) for (i) receiving Elections and exchanging for the applicable Company Cash Consideration and New Charter Merger Consideration (in respect of the applicable Company Stock Merger Consideration that shall be deemed to be automatically surrendered for exchange upon the Second Company Merger Effective Time) (as well as cash in lieu of fractional shares of New Charter Company Stock as specified in Section 2.07) (A) certificates representing shares of Company Stock (the “Company Certificates”) and (B) uncertificated shares of Company Stock (the “Company Uncertificated Shares”), and (ii) exchanging for the Parent Merger Consideration and cash in lieu of fractional shares of New Charter Company Stock as specified in Section 2.07 (A) certificates representing shares of Parent Class A Common Stock (the “Parent Certificates” and, together with the Company Certificates, the “Certificates”) and (B) uncertificated shares of Parent Class A Common Stock (the “Parent Uncertificated Shares” and, together with the Company Uncertificated Shares, the “Uncertificated Shares”).

(iii) The Company shall mail or cause to be mailed or delivered, as applicable, not less than 20 Business Days prior to the anticipated Election Deadline (the “Mailing Date”) an Election Form to record holders of Company Stock as of the close of business on the tenth (10th) Business Day prior to the Mailing Date (the “Election Form Record Date”). The Company shall make available one or more Election Forms as may reasonably be requested from time to time by all persons who become holders or beneficial owners of Company Stock during the period following the Election Form Record Date and prior to the Election Deadline.

(iv) Any Election shall have been made properly only if the Exchange Agent shall have received, by the Election Deadline, an Election Form properly completed and signed and accompanied by Company Certificates to which such Election Form relates, duly endorsed in blank or otherwise in form acceptable for transfer on the books of the Company and, in the case of Company Uncertificated Shares, any additional documents specified in the procedures set forth in the Election Form. As used herein, unless otherwise agreed in advance by the Company and Parent, “Election Deadline” means 5:00 p.m. local time (in the city in which the principal office of the Exchange Agent is located) on the date that Parent and the Company shall agree is five (5) Business Days prior to the expected Closing Date. The Company and Parent shall issue a press release reasonably satisfactory to each of them announcing the anticipated date of the Election Deadline not more than 20 Business Days before, and at least five Business Days prior to, the Election Deadline. If the Closing is delayed to a subsequent date, the Election Deadline shall be similarly delayed to a subsequent date (which shall be the fifth Business Day prior to the Closing Date) and the Company and Parent shall cooperate to promptly publicly announce such rescheduled Election Deadline and Closing.

(v) Any holder of Company Stock may, at any time prior to the Election Deadline, change or revoke his or her Election by written notice received by the Exchange Agent prior to the Election Deadline accompanied by a properly completed and signed revised Election Form or by withdrawal prior to the Election Deadline of his or her Company Certificates, or any documents in respect of Company Uncertificated Shares, previously deposited with the Exchange Agent. After an Election is validly made with respect to any shares of Company Stock, any subsequent transfer of such shares of Company Stock shall automatically revoke such Election. If no Election is made by a holder, or an