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CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form PREM14A on 06/26/2015
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immediately following completion of the mergers and the other transactions contemplated by the merger agreement, the Liberty agreements and the BHN contribution agreement, while also providing each stockholder with a substantial cash payout of either $100 or $115 per share of TWC common stock at such stockholder’s election;


    the expected merger benefits, estimated to be approximately $800 million in anticipated synergies, including value created by applying programming agreements of TWC to the systems of the combined company;


    the opportunity for TWC stockholders to benefit from any increase in the trading price of Charter Class A common stock between the announcement of entering into the merger agreement and the closing of the mergers based upon the fixed exchange ratios for the stock portion of the merger consideration;


    that the gain recognized on the transaction (in an amount not to exceed the cash received in the transaction) will be taxable to TWC stockholders as a capital gain, except stockholders of TWC who also own shares of Charter Class A common stock, in which case the gain could be taxable as a dividend;


    the fact that the merger agreement permits TWC, subject to certain limitations, to operate in the ordinary course of business and to take the actions contemplated by or reasonably necessary to implement the current operating plan during the period prior to completion of the mergers;


    the ability of TWC to implement employee retention and benefit arrangements to address employee retention in connection with the anticipated mergers, while at the same time preserving appropriate incentives and alignment of employees with TWC stockholders during the period prior to completion of the mergers and in light of the possibility that the mergers do not close;


    Charter’s agreement to take any actions and accept any conditions and other remedies to the extent such actions, conditions or other remedies would not reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a material adverse effect on the condition (financial or otherwise), business, assets or results of operations of the combined company (but not taking into account the BHN transactions), in order to obtain the regulatory approvals required to complete the mergers;


    Charter’s agreement to pay a reverse termination fee under certain circumstances in which the merger agreement is terminated, including failure to obtain certain regulatory approvals and circumstances relating to a third-party alternative transaction or a change in recommendation by the Charter board of directors;


    Charter’s agreement (subject to certain agreed exceptions) not to:


    take any actions, including any acquisitions, that would materially impair, impede or delay the receipt of regulatory approvals;


    make or agree to make any direct or indirect acquisition, or series of related acquisitions, which would require the approval of the FCC; or


    make or agree to make any direct or indirect acquisition, or series of related acquisitions, which have a value, or involve the payment of consideration, in excess of $350 million;


    Charter’s agreement that TWC would have rights to help develop the strategy and to participate in meetings relating to obtaining regulatory approvals required to complete the mergers;


    the TWC board of directors’ view that the terms of the merger agreement would not preclude or otherwise limit any third party with the financial capability and strategic interest of acquiring TWC from pursuing a potential superior proposal prior to the TWC stockholder vote. In this regard, the TWC board of directors considered the following: