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SEC Filings

CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, INC. /MO/ filed this Form 425 on 06/29/2015
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Recognizing that all cable companies, including ours, need to improve customer service, New Charter will make this a key priority. We will build upon Bright House Networks’ strong base of customer care policies and Charter’s history over the last three years of hiring and training thousands of customer service employees to improve the quality of care. New Charter is committing to return TWC call center jobs to the United States and will hire and train thousands of new employees for its customer service call centers and field technician operations.

Additionally, New Charter will continue existing customer care practices that offer multiple, easy-to-access support services including:

Same day service appointments.

Expanded weekly and evening service.

One-hour service appointment windows.

24/7 support for billing and repair via phone or Internet.

An online portal that allows customers to manage accounts, obtain updated self-help content and control set-top boxes.

How long will it take for New Charter to digitize all Time Warner Cable and Bright House Network customers?

New Charter will transition Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks cable systems to all-digital within 30 months of the close of the transaction. This will free up spectrum that will allow for faster broadband speeds and more high-definition channels and On-Demand offerings.


How will this affect jobs?

Over the last three years, Charter has gone from 16,500 to 23,500 employees, increasing its workforce 40% by adding 7,000 jobs. Most of those jobs were in customer care, a result of bringing back jobs from overseas call centers and insourcing local contractors, which enabled Charter to provide them with benefits, training, and opportunities for advancement. As Charter CEO Tom Rutledge explained at a recent conference, “we really believe service is a key element to the business… Quality can save you money, so we are believers in hiring people to work for us and not sending calls offshore-hiring actual employees and training and investing in them as opposed to contractors.”

New Charter will continue to create thousands of U.S.-based jobs by hiring for customer service call centers and field technician operations located throughout the country and returning TWC call center jobs to the U.S.

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