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Sections of this Indenture have been inserted for convenience of reference only,
are not to be considered a part of this Indenture and shall in no way modify or
restrict any of the terms or provisions.


Section 11.01. Satisfaction and Discharge of Indenture.

           This Indenture shall cease to be of further effect (except as to any
surviving rights of registration of transfer or exchange of Notes herein
expressly provided for), and the Trustee, on demand of and at the expense of the
Issuers, shall execute proper instruments acknowledging satisfaction and
discharge of this Indenture, when

           (1) either

                (A) all Notes theretofore authenticated and delivered (other
      than (i) Notes which have been destroyed, lost or stolen and which have
      been replaced or paid as provided in Section 2.07 and (ii) Notes for whose
      payment money has theretofore been deposited in trust or segregated and
      held in trust by the Issuers and thereafter repaid to the Issuers or
      discharged from such trust,) have been delivered to the Trustee for
      cancellation; or

                (B) all such Notes not theretofore delivered to the Trustee for

                      (i) have become due and payable, or

                      (ii) will become due and payable at their Stated Maturity
           within one year, or

                      (iii) are to be called for redemption within one year
           under arrangements satisfactory to the Trustee for the giving of
           notice of redemption by the Trustee in the name, and at the expense,
           of the Issuers,

      and the Issuers, in the case of (i), (ii) or (iii) above, have deposited
      or caused to be deposited with the Trustee as trust funds in trust for the
      purpose an amount sufficient to pay and discharge the entire indebtedness
      on such Notes not theretofore delivered to the Trustee for cancellation,
      for principal (and premium, if any) and interest to the date of such
      deposit (in the case of Notes which have become due and payable) or to the
      maturity or redemption thereof, as the case may be;