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briefly describing the amendment, supplement or waiver. Any failure of the
Company to mail such notice, or any defect therein, shall not, however, in any
way impair or affect the validity of any such amended or supplemental Indenture
or waiver. Subject to Sections 6.04 and 6.07, the Holders of a majority in
aggregate principal amount of the Notes then outstanding may waive compliance in
a particular instance by the Issuers with any provision of this Indenture or the
Notes. However, without the consent of each Holder affected, an amendment,
supplement or waiver under this Section 9.02 may not (with respect to any Notes
held by a non-consenting Holder):

           (a) reduce the principal amount of Notes whose Holders must consent
to an amendment, supplement or waiver;

           (b) reduce the principal of or change the fixed maturity of any Note
or alter the payment provisions with respect to the redemption of the Notes
(other than provisions relating to Sections 4.11 and 4.16);

           (c) reduce the rate of or extend the time for payment of interest on
any Note;

           (d) waive a Default or Event of Default in the payment of principal
of, or premium, if any, or interest on the Notes (except a rescission of
acceleration of the Notes by the Holders of at least a majority in aggregate
principal amount of the Notes and a waiver of the payment default that resulted
from such acceleration);

           (e) make any Note payable in money other than that stated in the

           (f) make any change in the provisions of this Indenture relating to
waivers of past Defaults or the rights of Holders of Notes to receive payments
of principal of, or premium, if any, or interest on the Notes;

           (g) waive a redemption payment with respect to any Note (other than a
payment required by one of the covenants described in Sections 4.11 and 4.16);

           (h) make any change in this Section 9.02.

Section 9.03. Compliance with Trust Indenture Act.

           Every amendment or supplement to this Indenture or the Notes shall be
set forth in a amended or supplemental Indenture that complies with the TIA as
then in effect.

Section 9.04. Revocation and Effect of Consents.

           Until an amendment, supplement or waiver becomes effective, a consent
to it by a Holder of a Note is a continuing consent by the Holder of a Note and
every subsequent Holder of a Note or portion of a Note that evidences the same
debt as the consenting Holder's Note, even if notation of the consent is not
made on any Note. However, any such Holder of a Note or subsequent Holder of a
Note may revoke the consent as to its Note if the Trustee receives written
notice of revocation before the date the waiver, supplement or amendment becomes
effective. An amendment, supplement or waiver