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           (c) a custodian or public officer takes charge of the Trustee or its
property; or

           (d) the Trustee becomes incapable of acting.

           If the Trustee resigns or is removed or if a vacancy exists in the
office of Trustee for any reason, the Issuers shall promptly appoint a successor
Trustee. Within one year after the successor Trustee takes office, the Holders
of a majority in principal amount of the then outstanding Notes may appoint a
successor Trustee to replace the successor Trustee appointed by the Issuers.

           If a successor Trustee does not take office within 60 days after the
retiring Trustee resigns or is removed, the retiring Trustee, the Issuers, or
the Holders of at least 10% in principal amount of the then outstanding Notes
may petition any court of competent jurisdiction for the appointment of a
successor Trustee.

           If the Trustee, after written request by any Holder who has been a
Holder for at least six months, fails to comply with Section 7.10, such Holder
may petition any court of competent jurisdiction for the removal of the Trustee
and the appointment of a successor Trustee.

           A successor Trustee shall deliver a written acceptance of its
appointment to the retiring Trustee and to the Issuers. Thereupon, the
resignation or removal of the retiring Trustee shall become effective, and the
successor Trustee shall have all the rights, powers and duties of the Trustee
under this Indenture. The successor Trustee shall mail a notice of its
succession to Holders. The retiring Trustee shall promptly transfer all property
held by it as Trustee to the successor Trustee; provided all sums owing to the
Trustee hereunder have been paid and subject to the Lien provided for in Section
7.07. Notwithstanding replacement of the Trustee pursuant to this Section 7.08,
the Issuers' obligations under Section 7.07 shall continue for the benefit of
the retiring Trustee.

Section 7.09. Successor Trustee by Merger, etc.

           If the Trustee consolidates, merges or converts into, or transfers
all or substantially all of its corporate trust business to, another
corporation, the successor corporation without any further act shall be the
successor Trustee.

Section 7.10. Eligibility; Disqualification.

           There shall at all times be a Trustee hereunder that is a corporation
organized and doing business under the laws of the United States of America or
of any state thereof that is authorized under such laws to exercise corporate
trustee power, that is subject to supervision or examination by federal or state
authorities and that has a combined capital and surplus of at least $100 million
as set forth in its most recent published annual report of condition.

           This Indenture shall always have a Trustee who satisfies the
requirements of TIA ss. 310(a)(1), (2) and (5). The Trustee is subject to TIA
ss. 310(b).