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           (a) accept for payment all Notes or portions thereof properly
tendered pursuant to the Change of Control Offer;

           (b) deposit with the Paying Agent an amount equal to the Change of
Control Payment in respect of all Notes or portions thereof so tendered; and

           (c) deliver or cause to be delivered to the Trustee the Notes so
accepted together with an Officers' Certificate stating the aggregate principal
amount of Notes or portions thereof being purchased by the Issuers.

           The Paying Agent shall promptly pay to each Holder of Notes so
tendered the Change of Control Payment for such Notes, and the Trustee shall
promptly authenticate and mail (or cause to be transferred by book entry) to
each Holder a new Note equal in principal amount to any unpurchased portion of
the Notes surrendered, if any; provided that each such new Note shall be in a
principal amount of $1,000 or an integral multiple thereof. The Company shall
publicly announce the results of the Change of Control Offer on or as soon as
practicable after the Change of Control Payment Date.

           The provisions described above that require the Issuers to make a
Change of Control Offer following a Change of Control shall be applicable
regardless of whether or not any other provisions in this Indenture are
applicable. Except as described above with respect to a Change of Control, this
Indenture does not contain provisions that permit the Holders of the Notes to
require that the Issuers repurchase or redeem the Notes in the event of a
takeover, recapitalization or similar transaction.

           Notwithstanding any other provision of this Section 4.16, the Issuers
shall not be required to make a Change of Control Offer upon a Change of Control
if a third party makes the Change of Control Offer in the manner, at the times
and otherwise in compliance with the requirements set forth in this Indenture
applicable to a Change of Control Offer made by the Issuers and purchases all
Notes validly tendered and not withdrawn under such Change of Control Offer.

Section 4.17. Limitations on Issuances of Guarantees of Indebtedness.

           The Company shall not permit any of its Restricted Subsidiaries,
directly or indirectly, to Guarantee or pledge any assets to secure the payment
of any other Indebtedness of the Company except in respect of the Credit
Facilities (the "Guaranteed Indebtedness") unless (i) such Restricted Subsidiary
simultaneously executes and delivers a supplemental indenture providing for the
Guarantee (a "Subsidiary Guarantee") of the payment of the Notes by such
Restricted Subsidiary and (ii) until one year after all the Notes have been paid
in full in cash, such Restricted Subsidiary waives and will not in